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Who paid for luxury renovation? Minister defends Johnson | Free press

The Prime Minister of Great Britain would have decorated his official apartment with donations – claims a former top adviser. The Secretary of Defense countered: Johnson had “paid with his own money”.

London (AP) – British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has defended his boss Boris Johnson against allegations that he had his office apartment renovated using donations.

“He paid with his own money to renovate the apartment,” Wallace said in a BBC interview about the prime minister. When asked whether Johnson paid himself directly or only after the allegations were made, the minister did not respond.

A mud battle has been raging in political London for days. Insider information from anonymous sources about alleged wrongdoing by the Conservative Prime Minister has repeatedly surfaced in the British media. Behind the scenes, the government apparatus pointed to Johnson’s former top adviser Dominic Cummings, who is believed to be the strategist behind the Brexit referendum and Johnson’s overwhelming election victory, but who left the government in a dispute late last year.

Cummings publicly defended the allegations, taking them as an opportunity to unpack even more. In a blog post on Friday, he accused the prime minister of using donations to renovate his official apartment on Downing Street in London. That was “unethically stupid, potentially illegal, and in all likelihood a violation of the rules about proper announcement of the use of donations,” Cummings said.

Exactly how much the work will cost is unknown, but it is said to exceed the £ 30,000 (roughly $ 34,500) each prime minister is available annually for repair work.

Labor MP Kate Green described the allegations against Johnson as “very worrying”. Any donation over £ 7,500 must be registered, Green said. “It is at the heart of ethical conduct and integrity in our government and transparency”.

On Monday, the most senior British official, Simon Case, was to be interrogated, among other things, before a parliamentary committee in London on allegations of lobbying against the government.

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