“Who killed Sara?” is back on Netflix – and fans will finally have the answer

“Who killed Sara?” is back on Netflix – and fans will finally have the answer

The actor who stars in the series promises more mystery, suspense, romance and action this season two.

There are eight new episodes.

For months, between April and December 2005, the question “Who killed António?” Thanks to the popularity of the TVI soap opera “Nobody Like You”, which was based on this enigma, it floated in the minds of many Portuguese.

It’s something like the Mexican series “Quem Matou Sara?” tries – and he succeeds, because this year it became the most watched Netflix production worldwide for a few weeks. Two months after the premiere of the first season, the series is back on the streaming platform with eight more episodes. You can see them starting this Wednesday, May 19th.

Fans didn’t have the answers they were looking for in season one. The protagonist Alex (Manolo Cardona), trying to find out what happened to his sister Sara – murder for which he was wrongly convicted – came upon the discovery that his sister is not who he thought he was. Maybe he didn’t even know her that well.

In the face of lies after lies, secrets, secrets and the unknown body that appeared in his own back yard, his search for the truth becomes more and more difficult.

In an interview with the American magazine “Entertainment Weekly”, Manolo Cardona rested the fans and made sure that they received more information and answers in this second season of the story. He adds that there are no plans to continue the narrative, but admits that he would be available for it.

“I think there will be more excitement now, more puzzles, more action, more romance – many things will overwhelm a lot of people. I think it’s better. It’ll be better than the first, ”says the 44-year-old actor.

Manolo Cardona also said he was surprised after reading the season two script and believes the truth about who killed Sara – and the secrets of various characters – will surprise audiences too.

“It’s good to see a series, it’s a puzzle, and you want to find out what happened – and there will be so many secrets to discover. I don’t want to give spoilers, but there will be a wide arc with Alex this season. “

Daniel Giménez Cacho and Matías Novoa are among the actors who join the second season of “Quem Matou Sara?” You will play characters who understand any gaps in the narrative that have yet to be resolved. “They help bridge the gap between past and present and offer many answers to important questions.”

The cast of this thriller and drama series includes names such as Alejandro Nones, Ximena Lamadrid, Andres Baida, Carolina Miranda, Leo Deluglio, Iñaki Godoy and Fátima Molina.

The protagonist of the story, Alex, is a man who was sentenced to 18 years in prison for his involvement in the death of his sister. Only Alex is innocent – and we as viewers know that from the start.

The narrative, which includes several flashbacks, begins when the protagonist comes out of prison and his goal is only one thing: to get revenge for the death of his sister and the one he believes brought him into this situation. That person is Rodolfo Lazcano, who recently became CEO of the important family business.

Between revenge, hatred, justice and frustration (for having spent so many years unjustly in prison), Alex will try to speak to all those who had close ties with Sara before her death. And from there he begins to realize that the story is not what he thought it was and that there are many secrets in between.

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