Who is the deadliest killer in horror cinema?


The horror genre has seen many iconic slasher villains referring to a cinematic subgenre of the horror film in which the murders of a killer, sometimes disfigured or masked, who methodically eliminates them, members of a group of people, often with knives. But while they all have a large number of kills under their belt, there’s one that has topped them all.

a recipe that has worked for almost 40 years

The horror genre has spawned some of the most popular and profitable sagas, many of which became franchises as they spread to other media such as comics and video games. As Screen Rant recalls, most of the genre’s most famous villains saw the light of day in the 1980s, and many of them are still killing in remakes and reboots today.

And although the horror films of the 1960s are considered to be the earliest influences of the slasher genre, the heyday of the slasher films was between the mid-1970s and mid-1980s. Films like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), Halloween: Night of the Masks (1979), Friday the 13th (1980) and The Claws of the Night (1984) and with them the introduction of villains who are now an integral part of popular culture , like Leatherface, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees (aka Jackie here) and Freddy Krueger. They all have their own methods and reasons for attacking and hunting down their victims, and while they all have large numbers of murders under their belt, there is one far more deadly than the others.

For example, from the franchise The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Leatherface killed 31 people on the franchise’s movie set, while Freddy Krueger’s death toll ranges from 42 to 48. Another famous slasher, the famous Scream Ghostface, has a total of 39 casualties, a number that will only increase with the arrival of the fifth film, slated for 2022. But there’s mostly Jason Voorhees, whose true series of murders began on Friday the 13th: Chapter 2 (1981), since his mother, Pamela Voorhees, he was the real villain of the first film.

two shoulder-to-shoulder slashers

The total number of Jason Voorhees victims is 157. This is mainly due to the fact that he has the most films on his account compared to his slasher cronies with a total of 12 films, including the crossover with Freddy Krueger in Freddy vs. Jason (2003); but also by killing people everywhere, whether at Camp Crystal Lake, in New York and even in space with Jason X (2001). However, the top spot for the slasher with the most murders goes to Michael Myers thanks to the recently released film Halloween Kills (2021).

Michael Myers has been terrorizing the fictional town of Haddonfield, Illinois since 1978 (though the real people know his very first murder was in 1963), and he has even traveled to California to continue his slaughter, as he did on Halloween: 20 years Later (1998) when he found out that Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) was now living there as “Keri Tate”. But his greatest grueling madness actually took place in Haddonfield, where it returns in the latest Halloween Kills film, the second stop on the restart timeline, and where Myers has scored nearly 160 cumulative kills.

And the death toll of Michael Myers is set to rise with the release of Halloween Ends slated for this year. Since Jason Voorhees, his direct competitor in terms of the number of victims, is currently not planning any next films, it looks like “The Shape” will stay on the throne for a while.