Who is PewDiePie? Find his net worth, income, early life, and career here

PewDiePie net worth is $40 million, as of now. He is a Swedish YouTuber known for his Let’s Play videos and comedic videos and shows. PewDiepie is a Swedish YouTuber who is 31 years old. He was born on October 24, 1989, in Gothenburg, Sweden, to Ulf Kjellberg and Lotta Kristine Johanna Kjellberg.

PewDiePie has a huge number of fans all over the world. His YouTube channel has more than 111 million subscribers from all over the world, and his videos have been watched more than 16 billion times.


PewDiePie was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, and grew up there with his parents and older sister. He finished his schooling there, and he was a nice, sweet kid. He wanted to be an artist when he was young. He used to draw characters from games like Mario. He really likes and enjoys video games. Find more about PewDiePie net worth and bio here.

Early Life

Before getting into PewDiePie net worth, let’s first explore its early days. Felix was born on October 24, 1989, in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. He liked art from a young age and play games a lot when he was in high school.

In 2008, he finished high school at Goteborgs Hogre Samskola and then went to Chalmers University of Technology to study. But Felix didn’t feel like he fit in, so he quit school to do what made him happy.

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Even though he had a hard time, in the beginning, he said in a video that he got started by selling his Photoshop works. He came up with the name “PewDiePie” for the channel, even though it was first called “Pewdie.”

Career Breakthrough

On December 19, 2006, Felix started using YouTube. The name of his first channel was “Pewdie.” He said that he chose the word “pew” because it sounds like a laser. Felix played Call of Duty in many of his early videos. He also added some videos that he made himself. He forgot the password to his Pewdie channel for a while, so on April 29, 2010, he started a new one called PewDiePie. He mostly played Call of Duty, Minecraft, and other horror and action games on his PewDiePie channel. For example, he would edit and comment on short clips of his best Call of Duty kills. For his Minecraft videos, he put up “Let’s Plays,” which were just videos of people playing the game.

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PewDiePie played the game Amnesia at some point. Whatever the reason, his Amnesia Let’s Play videos hit a nerve with the rest of YouTube, and the number of people who subscribed to his channel started to go through the roof. PewDiePie’s channel started to grow. By July 2012, it had 1 million subscribers, and by September 2012, it had 2 million. He made a deal with MCN Michinima to be his agent, and in October 2012, he moved to Maker Studios.

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In 2012 and 2013, PewDiePie’s YouTube channel grew faster than any other. Only in 2013, the channel go from having 3.5 million subscribers to having 19 million subscribers. During that year, he added a new subscriber at a rate of 1.037 per second. That year, 1.3 billion people watched his videos, and by the end of the year, his YouTube channel had the most subscribers.

With the help of Maker Studio, he put out an app for the iPhone called PewDiePie. At times, he didn’t like that Maker Studio would be taken over by Disney, but in the end, he made a website and online store to go with the app, which had become very popular.

In 2014, his channel had 14 million subscribers and 4.1 billion video views, which was far more than any other channel. He uploaded an average of 300 million videos per month in 2015.

PewDiePie Net Worth

PewDiePie is a Swedish internet star who comments on video games. At the time this was written, Felix Kjellberg net worth is $40 million. At different times in recent history, his YouTube channel has had the most subscribers and he has made the most money as a YouTuber. Most of the videos on his YouTube channel showing him playing different video games.

Is Felix married?

PewDiePie met Italian Marzia Bisognin in 2011. They became friends online, and then they fell in love. PewDiePie gave her a YouTube channel called CutiePieMarzia in 2012. Her videos were mostly about fashion, beauty, books, and movies. It became one of the most-watched beauty channels on YouTube in the end. In 2018, she gave up her YouTube account.

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They moved back and forth between Sweden and Italy for a few years before settling in the town of Brighton and Hove in England. In August 2019, they got married. They don’t stand out much in the small seaside town where they live with their two pugs, Edgar and Maya.

That’s all about PewDiePie net worth. Stay tuned for more such updates!!