Who is Jeff Lazkani? Find Chelsea and Jeff Lazkani Net Worth Here!!

Selling Sunset” is a great TV show that follows a group of top real estate agents in Los Angeles as they go about their daily lives. It’s on Netflix. It’s interesting to see how each agent manages their personal and professional lives while still having a high social status and dealing with demanding clients. As a bonus, the show also has a healthy dose of romance and drama that make for exciting TV. One of the famous agents in the show is Chelsea. Keep scrolling to know Chelsea and her husband Jeff Lazkani net worth here.

During the fifth season of “Selling Sunset,” we met real estate agent Chelsea Lazkani, who worked for the Oppenheim group. Many people want to know more about Chelsea because she is a new face on reality TV. So, we did some research to find out how much Chelsea and her husband Jeff Lazkani make now.

Who is Jeff Lazkani?

In the episode “New Blood” is where Chelsea talked about Jason Oppenheim. A few years ago, her husband bought a house from Jason.  It was said by Chelsea that Jason showed him Kanye West’s house. Their mother told Jeff that the house looked like “a lonely narcissist” lived there, so he didn’t buy it.


Their two children are married, so they have two. They have a son together, and Jeff shows up later in the episode with their son. He is a partner in an ad-tech company called Icon Media Direct, and he helps run it. LinkedIn says he’s worked there for 16 years.

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What did Jeff think of the fact that Jason hired Chelsea to work for him? People were going to love her right away. He was very supportive. He also said that Jason likes to help other people be better.

How do Chelsea and Jeff Lazkani make money?

The University of Buckingham gave Chelsea Lazkani a business economics degree in 2013. She was born and raised in Northwest London, and she moved there when she was very young. She wanted to learn more, so she went to the University of Dundee in Scotland.

She earned a degree in International Oil and Gas Management in 2015, and she wants to go to business school. Chelsea worked for NRG Clean Power as a Solar Analyst and as an Assistant to the Director of Operations. In June 2016, she joined Applied LNG as a Business Strategist.


As time went on, Chelsea found out that her true passion was in the field of real estate. So, in July 2017, she started her first job as a Real Estate Agent at the Rodeo Realty Inc. office in Encino, Los Angeles, which is where she lives. When Chelsea worked at her first real estate company, she worked there for about three years.

It was in 2021 that she decided to change groups. “I saw this as a chance to really open doors to a business that hasn’t had a lot of diversity and where minorities are undervalued,” Chelsea told People.

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That’s not the only thing Chelsea said. She also said that she wanted to help her community and help black women get more jobs in luxury real estate. The wedding took place in August 2017. Jeff Lazkani married Chelsea. The couple now has two wonderful children: Maddox Ali Lavon and Melia Man. Jeff, on the other hand, is also very successful at work. Icon Media Direct hired Jeff after he graduated from the University of San Diego in 2005.

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Jeff started out as a Traffic Coordinator, but he quickly rose through the ranks and now runs the company as a Managing Partner. Having Jeff in a high job and Chelsea working in real estate and reality TV, the two have a very nice life.

What is Chelsea and Jeff Lazkani Net Worth?

Because of how well-known Jeff is in the business world, we can safely say that he has about $100,000 in total wealth, taking into account his work and his current job. Then, Chelsea has been making a name for herself in the Los Angeles real estate market as a well-known agent.


It looks like Chelsea has a net worth of about $500,000 because of her work in the Oppenheim group and because of her appearance on “Selling Sunset.” This makes their combined net worth about $600,000.


That’s all about Chelsea and Jeff Lazkani net worth. We hope you have enjoyed reading the post and found it interesting. For more such exciting updates, keep visiting the page regularly.