Who Is Gregory FNAF Security Breach? How Old He Is?

FNAF Security Breach is one of the most exciting games and the response it has gotten so far has been incredible. The game was built from the franchise’s first version, launched several years ago. Fans may be wondering who Gregory is in FNAF Security Breach. A more pertinent question might be, “What is Gregory in the FNAF Security Breach?”

Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach contains a single playable protagonist: Gregory, a mysterious boy with no past and no records. The secrecy of this character and the game has so many fans.

They are searching for every secret and clue they can find about him. As a result, various speculations concerning his identity and role in the game have emerged. Fans have enjoyed their time with the horror game.

There are some portions of the story that have piqued their interest. Because the game places a strong emphasis on narrative, players are bound to have some worries. Here we will discuss Gregory’s FNAF’s age and other information. So, let’s get started!!

Who Is Gregory in FNAF Security Breach?

Gregory is the franchise’s second human character to make an appearance outside of minigame sprites. His concept was displayed in the form of a 12″ tall Funko statue. Gregory is homeless in every sense of the word.

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Gregory makes his way to an alley and sleeps in a cardboard box following his escape from the Pizza Plex. It is evidenced by the game’s one-star ending and also unclear whether this is his “home” or simply the nearest refuge he can find. Despite this, he and other local children don’t seem safe from Vanny for long. 

He could be an orphan or a runaway who stole into the Pizzaplex to live there. It is strongly hinted that he is on his own. There is no record of Gregory or his background, and he snuck into the Pizza Plex on his own for unknown reasons. Vanessa may have taken him inside the PizzaPlex to inspire her serial murders, which would explain why he doesn’t have a guest ID.

Gregory has learned to look after himself, which he demonstrates by protecting himself against homicidal animatronics. He is even ready to lie to Freddy about how Gregory got some of their components back, and in one end, he’s shown using jumper cables and driving a car.

Although Gregory’s background is unclear, it is evident that he has had a difficult existence, which has prepared him to end the chaos in the PizzaPlex. Gregory FNAF is also hinted to be intrigued about or independently investigating the Pizza Plex’s string of disappearances.

Some scenes in the game suggest him living or intending to live in the Pizza Plex. After all, several arcade machines include a scoreboard with a shortened version of his name, spelled “GGY.” But, if such were the case, why was he so eager to get outside? Vanny or another unidentified individual could be occupying the building in these cases. 

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How Old Gregory FNAF Is?

Gregory must be familiar to anyone who has played FNAF Securit Breach. He is the protagonist of the popular game, and players will take on the role of Gregory throughout the game.

Gregory becomes trapped inside Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex, and players must guide him through the structure to discover numerous secrets. His fans around are curious about Gregory’s age in the game.

Unfortunately, the game’s lore does not specify Gregory’s age, which may be a disappointment for some. Given his physique and appearance, many people believe Gregory is between 10 and 12.

Personality Of  Gregory FNAF

  1. Appearance

Gregory is a short, white-skinned young man with untidy brown hair. He’s dressed in a grey striped blue-collared T-shirt, tan shorts, and white socks. He has a band-aid on his cheek, signifying that he has been injured.

He has huge brown eyes as well. Finally, he is seen wearing a Fazwatch. His dress is linked to the Pizzaplex and allows him to access cameras, maps, notes, etc.

2. Personality

Gregory is given a rude, almost bitchy character in the game. He may be seen criticizing the pizzeria and even becoming irritated with Glamrock Freddy when the latter questions why he won’t meet Vanessa.

Furthermore, Freddy is occasionally aware that Gregory appears impatient. When Glamrock Freddy expresses concern for his safety after Gregory is hurt, he says he does not need help, even informing him that all he needs is a route out of the Pizzaplex.

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3. Behavior

Gregory may utilize his watch to link to the camera system and observe where the animatronics are around the setting. Furthermore, the animatronics will not detect Gregory when he crouches and is out of sight.

Gregory can also make noise and distract animatronics by using games and things found across the map. Apart from Montgomery Gator before his boss battle and Roxanne Wolf after her boss battle, he also gets access to the Faz-Cam. It is a flash photography camera that can be used to blind an animatronic in the area. 

The last weapon Gregory has, is a Fazerblaster, a laser weapon used in Lazer Tag that allows him to blind animatronics by shooting them in the eye. It has a five-shot charge before it needs to be recharged.

The Fazerblaster cannot be used on Monty before his boss battle or Roxy after her boss battle. Finally, there are trams, picture booths, lockers, and trollies located throughout the pizzeria that Gregory can hide in to escape identification by S.T.A.F.F. Bots, animatronics, and Vanessa and get away if he is discovered. The one exception is Glamrock Chica, which can search for hidden objects.


Gregory’s fans have grounds to suspect he isn’t human. Animated children have already appeared in the series, most notably in the novels—though they don’t have much in common with the games.

Freddy’s remarkable mechanical knowledge, such as driving and jumpstarting Glamrock Freddy with a vehicle battery, backs up this theory. Some speculate that he wears band-aids to conceal paint flaws or ugly damage to his exoskeleton.