Who is Elizabeth Marz? Find what’s going on between Elizabeth Marz and Johnny Depp?

Wondering about Elizabeth Marz and Johnny Depp relationship? In that case, you have clicked the rightmost link. A friend of Amber Heard said that on the night he allegedly hit her, Johnny Depp came at her “drunk and screaming” while “swinging a magnum-sized bottle of wine.”

Elizabeth Marz, who is close to both Heard and Depp, said that the actor “scared the sh** out of her” when he charged at her during a fight with his ex-wife at their Los Angeles penthouse in 2016.

Marz said Wednesday in a Virginia courtroom that Depp yelled at her and Heard’s friend Raquel “Rocky” Pennington, “Get your bitch out of here!” It seems that he was talking about his ex-wife.

Marz said that Heard looked messy and had cuts on her face when she saw her.

“Her face was swollen and red. “It looked like she had been hit,” Marz said in a video deposition from November 2019 that was shown in court on Wednesday.

Marz said that Depp was “combative” and angry about the alleged attack on Heard on May 21, 2016. She said that he was messy and all over the place and that he was also rude and angry.

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She said, “He ran into the unit screaming and drunk, which scared the crap out of me.”

“If a grown man came at you and said, “Get your b***h out of here” while swinging a magnum-sized bottle of wine, I’m sure anyone would run out.”

Marz said that she hid in the house because she was afraid of what Depp would do. She also said, “Everyone was just shaken up.”

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She also said that friends of the couple helped clean up some of the mess that Depp allegedly made after the fight with Heard.

Pennington’s earlier testimony, in which she said she saw Depp holding a wine bottle and that Heard’s face was hurt, backed up Marz’s story.

She said that when she met Depp for the first time in 2012, he was “bright, beautiful, kind, and generous.” But if Depp was drinking or taking drugs, there was “almost always a fight.”

Pennington lived with Depp and Heard for a while in a suite of penthouses. On Wednesday, she told the court that she was the first person to see Heard during their final fight in May 2016, which led to their divorce.

Amber Heard's ex-friend cries as she feared 'monster' Johnny Depp would 'do something worse than he intended' | The Independent

Pennington said she got in the middle of them, and Depp pushed her hands away. She said that she then laid on top of Heard while Depp yelled at Heard to get up. She said that she later saw Depp smashing and knocking things off the walls and counters with a wine bottle.

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The friend testified that she saw the bruises and cuts left by Depp’s abuse after several different incidents.

In a recorded deposition that was played for the jury, Pennington said that she had never seen Depp hit Heard. But she said she saw the injuries and took pictures of Heard’s face in December 2015, after a fight in which Heard says Depp head-butted her and possibly broke her nose.

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Who Is Elizabeth Marz? Amber Heard's Friend Testimony and Trial Witness

In the picture, Heard’s face has a swollen nose, a cut lip, and two eyes that are mostly black. She also took a picture of what she said were pieces of Heard’s hair that had been pulled out of her head.

Pennington, who was one of many witnesses whose testimony had already been recorded, said that she had heard that the woman “often had to cover bruises and injuries on her face” with makeup. Pennington said that she doesn’t think of herself as Heard’s friend anymore and that the two of them have grown apart in the last year.

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