Who is April Marie Dating? Check her current relationship status here!!

Who Is April Marie Dating Right Now? Is Jake in it? Are these questions bothering you? Well, in that case, you have clicked the rightmost page.  A new movie called “The Ultimatum” starts in April. There was a lot of drama on the Netflix show because Marie Melohn and Jake Cunningham were there to add to the show.

After the show, the couple had a fight and then made up. Fans can’t wait to find out what happened to them after that. If you’re a fan and can’t wait to find out if the couple stayed together, read on.

Who is April Marie Dating Now?

Thinking about who is April Marie dating? After meeting Cody B. Cooper, April has a new boyfriend.  They broke the rules by letting the secret out of the bag early. April and Jake were together after The Ultimatum. April’s new boyfriend, Cody Cooper, posted Instagram stories to show that they were dating.

There were two pictures of April and Cody in warm embraces at the Encore Beach Club at the Wynn in Las Vegas when Cody wrote the first story (posted below). April and a friend of his were sitting next to Cody in the second story.

The day before Cody posted Instagram stories of the couple, April put pictures of herself in Las Vegas on Instagram.

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It looks like Cody Cooper, April’s new boyfriend, has Instagram stories where he shows a few pictures of him and The Ultimatum star April.
Afterward, Cody and April took a private plane to get home. If you want to visit Cody at home in Tulum, Mexico, you can find him down there right now. April also talked about how much she loves Cody in the reunion episode of The Ultimatum, which was on TV last week.

She said they don’t fight, that he is very excited to marry her, and that they’ve talked about having kids. She also said that she is grateful that she told Jake that he had to choose between her and Cody.

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This means April, 24, and Jake, 27, broke up after they went through a lot in The Ultimatum. Afterward, Jake and Rae had a lot of problems. When April and Jake got back together, they had a lot of big fights.

A guy in a club (maybe Cody?) had flirted with April, who was 23 when the show was on. Jake found out that April had flirted and exchanged contact information with the guy. There was a video of Rae dancing on Jake’s phone.

April looked through it and found it. April then told Jake that she thought she was pregnant, which many people think was a hoax. Several times on the show, Jake at least kissed Rae.

Who is Cody Copper?

A real estate company called Sprout Realty has been set up by April’s new boyfriend, Cody Cooper. A company called Kwik Rip sells vaping vending machines. He is also the co-owner of Kwik Rip. New boyfriend April has a lot more success than Jake did on the show.

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He has a lot of nice cars and homes, and he likes to live a high-class life. When Cody isn’t traveling the world, he likes to go out on the water with his family. As well as riding motorcycles and sports cars, he also likes to go out on the town. He also likes to play golf, shoot guns, and smoke cigars.

The Austin, Texas, entrepreneur is also working on his own line of men’s underwear clothing. Cody also likes haberdashery, and he wears a lot of high-end clothes and ties. He likes to wear top hats and cowboy hats. It was at the age of 24 that Cody started his own real estate business. He’s 30 years old now.

What is April Marie’s Net Worth?

Since now you know who is April Marie dating, it’s time to know her net worth. April Marie is a well-known reality television personality and a contestant on the reality show “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move on”, who has a net worth of $2 Million. She is also a Model and Social Media Personality. April is also famous for her work with different brands and photo shoots.