Who dies in Season 5 of Elite? Here’s the spoiler alert!!

The wait is over. This is the last time. Elite season 5 is now available on Netflix. The ending is one of the most shocking in the show’s history, and it’s also one of the most shocking.

Elite season 5 starts right where Elite season 4 left off. Students at Las Encinas, especially Samuel and Rebeka, are still very sad about Armando’s disappearance. Samuel and Rebeka know what really happened to him. It’s not just that two new students, Iván (André Lamoglia) and Isadora (Valentina Zenere), join the school and quickly get caught up in the drama.

How does Elite season 5 end? If you want to know how the show goes, here’s our summary.

In Elite season 5, who dies? The ending has been explained

In Elite season 5, episode 1, we see a body that looks like it’s dead dripping with blood in a pool. It isn’t until episode 4 that we learn it’s Samuel. Over the course of the season, we learn a lot more about how Samuel ended up face-down in a pool, who did it, and if Samuel is dead or alive.

In the middle of the season, Armando’s body is found. Because Samuel and Rebeka want to protect Guzmán, they and the rest of the Blanco family are now suspects. Benjamn then promises Samuel that he will pay for the best lawyers to protect him and give him a good life.

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That’s not the case when Samuel is arrested. Benjamn doesn’t do anything to help him get out of jail. Benjamn and Armando were in charge of a network that traded data about “powerful people,” the police say to Samu. They give Samu a chance to stay out of trouble if he can show that Benjamn is guilty.

Who kills Samuel?

Samuel tells Rebeka about the offer from the police. With the help of Cayetana, Samuel and Rebeka plan to show Benjamn. Caye uses her cleaner’s key to get into Benjamn’s office and look for evidence. Rebe and Samuel go to Benjamn’s for dinner while they are there. Rebe wants to know if Menca has Armando’s SIM card, so she looks for it. Samuel, on the other hand, distracts Benjamn.

Cleaner Caye is caught and fired. However, Rebe gets the SIM card. Samuel isn’t sure if he should give it to the police, so he meets with Benjamn at his house. He decides to take the deal from the police. Benjamn attacks him. He knocks Samu down. When Samu’s head cracks open, he falls into the pool and is knocked out by it.

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Is Samuel dead in Elite season 5?

Patrick then sees Benjamin in a bad mood. His friend Benjamn tells him it was an accident and wants Patrick to help him cover it up. They get Samuel out of the pool, and Samuel suddenly wakes up. They then show up and find out what Benjamn has done. Menca calls the police on her own father.

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As Rebe and Omar hold Samuel in their arms, he falls to the ground and starts to cry. Benjamin is arrested by the police when they arrive. We don’t know if Samuel is dead or if the ambulance came and he lived. I think we won’t know what happened to him until Elite season 6 or the new Elite Short Stories.

What happens to the other people?

Phillipe helps Isadora report that she was raped in Ibiza, and Patrick and Iván seem to be working through their problems. It even looks like Iván forgives his father for seeing Patrick behind his back, and Ari seems to accept that Iván loves Patrick instead of her.

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In the future, we think that Rebe and Omar will want to stay away from the Blanco family, no matter what happens to Samuel. It looks like Rebe and Menca might be too good for them.