“Whispers of Darkness”: Netflix’s new psychological thriller starring Amanda Seyfried


“Whispers of Darkness”: Netflix’s new psychological thriller starring Amanda Seyfried

It opens on the platform this Thursday and focuses on a couple’s sinister relationship in a bizarre home mixed with horror and drama.

A few days after Amanda Seyfried didn’t win the Oscar for the role she was nominated for – in “Mank” – she returns to one of the main characters in a Netflix movie. “Whispers of Darkness” is a thriller with elements of horror and romantic drama that opens on the platform this Thursday, April 29th.

The story is based on the book “All Things Cease to Appear” by Elizabeth Brundage, which strangely enough has already thought about the filming – the author Amanda Seyfried even had the female main character in mind.

The narrative follows Catherine and George Claire, a couple from the 1980s who moved into an eerie house in the Hudson River Valley, New York state. Gradually, Catherine begins to suspect that there is an inherent darkness in her own marriage that can even rival the house.

The film has supernatural elements – and promises not to be a completely logical narrative that brings together different genres of cinema. Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini directed and adapted the film.

“It’s very difficult to categorize this movie because there are supernatural elements. Yes, it looks like a horror movie sometimes, but it has a depth that exists in this wedding and it was something I could relate to, ”Amanda Seyfried told Entertainment Weekly magazine.

“What attracted me was the relationship,” James Norton, the actor who plays George Claire, told the same publication. “They’re a progressive couple for the time being in a way, they both have jobs. George struggles with some things because since he is a weak man he feels less powerful because he has a strong wife. This isn’t an overt horror movie, but rather a psychological thriller with that rich relationship and lots of nuance at its center. “

The actor emphasized that one of the most important elements in the film is the dynamics of power in the relationship. “Especially when a woman takes her place and a man reacts very, very badly.”

The Hudson River Valley has been described almost as a character in the film – due to its visual strength and importance to the plot – and both actors admit that the house it was all shot in was really scary.

“The house we recorded it in was a bit scary,” said James Norton. “But it was perfect for shooting. There were definitely energies. “Amanda Seyfried agrees. “Yes, I wouldn’t be there alone.”

The cast includes names such as F. Murray Abraham, Natalia Dyer, Rhea Seehorn, Karen Allen, Michael O’Keefe, James Urbaniak, Alex Neustaedter, Jack Gore and Michael Abbott Jr.

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