Which Wild Hearts Weapon will suit your playstyle the best?

EA and Koei Tecmo have collaborated to create Wild Hearts, a singular monster hunter journey that is set in a fantastical re-imagination of feudal-age Japan. The RPG permits gamers to discover the world of Azuma and search out majestic beasts utilizing all kinds of weapons, starting from bows to katanas. Moreover, gamers can benefit from the sport’s co-op mode, making it an ideal multiplayer expertise.

Wild Hearts gives a plethora of weapons, together with the Karakuri Workers, Cannon, Claw Blade, Bow, Maul, Nodachi, Bladed Wagasa, and Karakuri Katana.

Based mostly on the state of affairs and the character of the beast they’re about to face, Hunters should select the fitting weapon for the job. Like the favored Monster Hunter RPG titles, Wild Hearts permits gamers to improve and customise weapons based on their most well-liked playstyles.

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Exploring completely different playstyles in Wild Hearts and their related weapons


Wild Hearts is a singular sport that gives gamers the flexibility to customise their gameplay expertise by deciding on from a variety of weapons and playstyles.

One of many major elements that influences the playstyle is the selection of weapon. For gamers preferring quick and agile gameplay, the Karakuri Workers or Claw Blade are nice selections. Basically, these weapons are light-weight and permit the participant to maneuver rapidly whereas dispensing swift and exact assaults.

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Karakuri Workers


The Karakuri Workers is a flexible weapon in Wild Hearts. Its distinctive function is the flexibility to alter form mid-attack, offering gamers with quite a few choices for fight. Along with its base type, gamers can mutate the Karakuri Workers right into a pike, an enormous shuriken, and a pair of bladed tonfa sticks often known as the dual fang. This versatility permits gamers to adapt to completely different conditions and fight eventualities.

Claw Blade

The Claw Blade is a well-liked alternative for Wild Hearts gamers preferring to assault quick and cleanly. This light-weight melee weapon excels in close-range fight and permits gamers to simply dodge assaults, due to its distinctive mobility within the air.

That includes two major assaults – Assault 1 and Assault 2, Assault 1 delivers lightning-fast strikes, enabling gamers to deal fast and exact blows to enemies. Assault 2, alternatively, helps gamers reposition themselves throughout fight, letting them keep away from incoming assaults simply.

Along with these normal assaults, the Claw Blade additionally has a Particular Assault command that lets gamers pierce a Kemono (the monsters within the sport) with the weapon’s “claw.” This successfully turns the Claw Blade right into a grappling hook, permitting gamers to swing across the battlefield and deal harm from sudden angles.

For gamers preferring to deal heavy harm, the Nodachi or Maul are the perfect choices. Though these weapons are heavier and slower, they pack a critical punch.

The Nodachi

The Nodachi is a very highly effective weapon that is able to leveling the bottom with its sluggish and heavy slashes. With the Downward Slash combo, gamers can unleash a easy but efficient assault on their opponents. Moreover, the Nodachi permits gamers to entry the Iai Stance, which lets them undertake a targeted stance and execute numerous highly effective assaults with good timing.

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To make the Nodachi much more devastating, gamers can refill their Valor Gauge by both holding the Iai Stance till it fills up or by attacking an enemy after performing the stance.

As soon as the gauge is full, gamers can unleash the weapon’s final assault often known as Iai: Bisection. This highly effective transfer slashes the air with pink vitality and cuts open the bottom in entrance of the participant, dealing huge harm to all enemies caught in its path.

The Maul

The Maul is a singular weapon in Wild Hearts that distinguishes itself from all the opposite choices obtainable within the sport. First off, it is a gigantic, sluggish hammer that focuses on uncooked harm and high-impact assaults at the price of velocity, which incorporates assault velocity and animation velocity. Moreover, the Maul has loads of attain, making it a superb alternative for gamers preferring to maintain their distance from enemies whereas dealing heavy harm.

In addition to melee weapons, gamers can even select to make use of long-range weapons such because the Bow, permitting them to assault from a distance. Bows are perfect for gamers preferring to take a extra strategic method and deal harm from afar. This tactical method is all about weakening the enemy from a distance earlier than getting in for the kill.

The Bow

🏹 Bow: This long-range weapon requires nice finesse and gives nice maneuverability. And beneath the fitting circumstances, the bow can inflict large harm. (3/4)

The Bow in Wild Hearts is a ranged weapon that gives gamers the flexibility to take down Kemono from a distance. Within the RPG, Bow weapons have two stances: Haya and Otoya.

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Whereas the Haya stance fires horizontal pictures which can be sooner and leaves arrows within the Kemono, Otoya’s stance offers extra harm however has a slower hearth price. Otoya arrows will be charged as much as two ranges, leading to most harm output. When Otoya arrows are fired on the Haya arrows which can be caught on a Kemono, this creates an explosion which offers further harm.

Clearly, gamers will must be strategic with their arrow selections, relying on the Kemono that they are going through.

Usually, Wild Hearts gives a variety of weapons that cater to each fashion of play, starting from fast and nimble to sluggish and highly effective. With the flexibility to customise weapons and develop completely different methods to take down the sport’s beasts, gamers are certain to have a singular and thrilling expertise in each single Wild Hearts playthrough.

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