which one of Vegeta or Sasuke is the better rival


Vegeta and Sasuke have become famous and important characters in their respective mangas over time, namely Dragon Ball and Naruto. But who is the better rival between these two heroes?

Characters who have become emblematic

They are more than just minor characters, they are real titans who occupy an important place in their work. So great is their popularity that it rivals or even dwarfs its larger counterparts. They’ve even earned their following, so it’s only natural to wonder which of these two heroes is the better rival.

Vegeta started out as the villain in Dragon Ball chapter 204. He wished for immortality by searching for the Dragon Balls in question. He was defeated by Goku and the Heroes of Earth, but will appear in the famous Dragon Ball saga Freeza. Vegeta has worked with Goku despite himself. Killed and then resuscitated by a wish of the Dragon Balls, he eventually settled, raised a family, and went from being a villain to a full-fledged hero. The rivalry between him and Goku is one of the most compelling aspects of the series, as their rivalry constantly pushes them to outdo each other so that one always becomes stronger than the other, and so right now.

Sasuke in Naruto has a very different story arc than Vegeta. Sasuke is motivated by a desire to get revenge on his older brother for killing her family. Originally introduced as the main hero’s teammate, he becomes so abusive towards him that he becomes angry for the sake of power. Even so, Naruto aims to bring Sasuke to his senses and becomes his main motivation for the rest of the series. In the end, Sasuke returns on the good side and Naruto becomes his ally and friend.

Sasuke, the best rival?

Goku and Naruto wouldn’t be as powerful as they are today without their respective # 2’s, as they’re the only reason they worked so hard to get stronger on both series and their sequels. In addition, Vegeta arguably had an influence on the creation of Sasuke’s character. Both are born noble, have strong motivations, and have an innate talent for combat. However, despite this inspiration, Sasuke is the best number 2.

His role in the story seems more interesting in the story because it’s much more than a simple power duel. Naruto and Sasuke were both alone during their childhood, which resulted in them taking care of and surrounding themselves. While Naruto was trying to get attention by being obnoxious, Sasuke was much more reserved and preferred to get away and further isolate himself. This difficult childhood led Naruto on the path of love and acceptance, while Sasuke viewed his fellow human beings only as a means to an end. Best of all, they are both tied to power and both lost an arm.

Vegeta’s strength and story arc shouldn’t be diminished either. He remains one of the most influential characters in manga culture. The rivalry between Goku and Vegeta is also more one-sided, with Goku being the stronger of the two Saiyans.

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