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Which character from the movies is your soulmate?

The character of Spider-Man has sparked passions since its inception, and the Spider-Man: No Way Home movie proved it once again. Today we invite you to come back to the different personalities and characters that we find in the characters of the Spider-Man movies to discover who would have been your crush in reality.

The newest Spider-Man

The Spider-Man: No Way Home movie allowed for the return of many characters from previous games, and it’s clear that each of them had very unique personalities. As Marvel fans, we all have our little character preferences, but are those really what our hearts would have wanted in reality?

We can appreciate, even idolize, someone without being able or willing to maintain a relationship with that person. The prerequisite for this is that the characters correspond and that passion is unleashed. Finally, amidst this multitude of characters appearing in the Spider-Man films, why does one question arise: who is the character that would actually be your soulmate? Our new personality test will answer them

One test is good, two tests are even better

So, without further ado, to find out which character in the Spider-Man movies is your soulmate, we have two personality tests for you at once, one for those who prefer girls and one for those who prefer boys, to satisfy all our readers . Answer as accurately as possible, Cupid is watching you!

The personality test for everyone who likes girls:

The personality test for everyone who likes boys:

So what result did you get? Don’t hesitate to give us feedback via our comments section! Speaking of love, if you’re curious to know which personality Aunt May may have had a same-sex relationship with in the films, you can check out our previous article on the subject.


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