Which cartoon character are you?


In a previous article we had listed many cartoons that marked your childhood and shook your youth. Remember, when we turned on the TV in the morning, we were glued to our screen in front of Tabaluga or the Super-Nanas, Minus and Cortex or Martin Mystère, the laboratory of Dexter or Marcelino, the Totally Spies or Code Lyoko, the Goofs of Space or the Jungle Family … and so many others! We invite you to come back to that time when all you had to do was put your feet under the table to eat a homemade dish and play marbles, Diddle, Pogues or Gameboy to have a good time.

The cartoons of our childhood

Are you ready to find out who you would be in the crazy cartoon world? Will you come across one of your favorite space goofs, the worst plague ever in Rugrats, or the greatest evil genius the earth has ever known? You are just a few clicks away from finding out!