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Which anime do these cult lines belong to?

If you’re a fan of manga and anime, you’ve probably already taken our personality test to find out which anime hero you are. We are not going to talk about “personality tests” here, but rather pure and tough quizzes. Prepare to dive into your memories to find all the cult lines that we will remind you of in this quiz! Let’s go straight to the anime universe if you don’t mind.

Will you be on the level

Do you consider yourself an expert on manga and anime? There are a variety of them. Some of you surely grew up with Pokémon, Olive and Tom, One Piece, Naruto, and of course Dragon Ball Z. In terms of the latest, some have already become very big classics. We obviously think of Attack on Titan, but also The Promised Neverland or even Demon Slayer. Have you seen them all Are you starting to doubt your level?

You may be an expert on a single anime, or even a single genre of anime, but being an expert on the most popular anime is a different story. We still hope you are up to the challenge!

Our quiz: Which anime do these cult lines belong to?

Here’s our quiz: Which anime do these cult replicas belong to? Do not hesitate to test your knowledge and that of your friends and, most importantly, let us know your results in the comments section so we know where our readers are! Good luck.

Are you satisfied with the result? We are looking forward to your feedback. However, if you haven’t got the result you want, don’t beat yourself up too badly. There are many other tests that you can use to test your knowledge. For example, we can offer you the cinema quiz: What topics do these cult lines belong to? You can tell if you have more knowledge of blockbusters or anime!


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