Which anime character is your soulmate?


The world of anime is full of people who are valued, who defend moral values, and who impress us with their strength or wisdom. There are also some characters who have simple traits but which make us smile or, on the contrary, make us want to pull our hair out. This multitude of characters raises many questions, such as: Who is the most powerful character in an anime? We’re not going to be interested in the anime characters’ abilities for combat here, but rather in their abilities for human relationships. Ready for a new personality test?

The anime universe

By the time you are reading the statement of this new personality test, you have undoubtedly already thought of famous anime characters who will keep your fingers crossed to fall on them or, on the contrary, you will pray that you will not have to spend the rest of your life in their company.

Are you more of a tough guy? In which case, would a character like Levi or Nobara in Jujutsu Kaisen be a perfect fit for you? Are you more of a physical type? Here is a personality test that you need to be honest about in order to find the person who really suits you.

The personality test to know your soulmate in the world of anime

We therefore invite you to find out without further ado who your soulmate is in the world of anime. So that everyone can find the shoe at their feet, we offer two different tests, one for those who love men and one for those who love women. Don’t hesitate to let us know your results in the comments section!

Test # 1: for people who love men.

Test # 2: for people who love women.

Would you imagine spending the rest of your life with the character who, after this personality test, would suit you best? If you want to last the fun, or just a fan of personality tests, you can also take our other tests to find out who is your soulmate in the world of cinema and who is your soulmate in the world of cinema. Universe of series. We hope that at least one of these three results will suit you!