Where to find Whisper of the World Draupnir Light Runic attack

There are a number of highly effective Runic Assaults in God of Battle Ragnarok, and particularly, Whisper of the World is among the extra helpful assaults for the Draupnir spear. After all, you will not discover this potential till later within the sport when you’ve unlocked the spear.

The Draupnir is an extremely highly effective weapon and one in all my favorites within the sport. It’s satisfying to throw infinite spears and detonate them. Like all Runic Assaults, although, Whisper of the World has a cooldown and particular makes use of in God of Battle Ragnarok. However the place can you discover it, and what are you able to do with it?

What’s God of Battle Ragnarok’s ‘Whisper of the World’, and what does it do?

You can not unlock the Whisper of the World in God of Battle Ragnarok until you’ve unlocked the hidden areas in Vanaheim. This implies you need to full “Scent of Survival” Favour first, which yow will discover a information for right here. A number of back-to-back Favours open up new areas for Vanaheim, and Scent of Survival is a part of that quest chain.

When you’ve achieved this, return to Vanaheim once you’re able to unlock Whisper of the World. Head to the Mystic Gateway for The Jungle, climb the steps, and climb the platform to your proper. You’ll take one other proper after which drop down.


Head due left and use the Blades of Chaos to climb up as quickly as you may. You’ll additionally must burn down the purple vines once they seem. This requires Freya or Atreus to fireplace a Sigil Arrow at it, then ignite them together with your Blades of Chaos.

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Now you can discover your rewards. The Legendary Chest options God of Battle Ragnarok’s Runic Assault Whisper of the World. It’s an extremely highly effective assault, however what does it do precisely?

Whisper of the World has a 97-second cooldown, and the Mild Runic assault drags all enemies in towards you earlier than launching them far-off. Specifically, one of the best use for it’s once you’re combating plenty of enemies directly.


It’s even higher when you will have a option to deposit enemies off-screen. For those who’re in an space the place you may throw enemies off a cliff, into the water, or the place God of Battle Ragnarok considers the enemies “lifeless,” Whisper of the World is the Runic Assault to go together with. It’s not so nice in solo encounters, although. Whisper of the World does stable harm, however you’re losing an important a part of the assault.

There are a number of locations within the sport the place you may throw enemies off the display screen, corresponding to Svartalfheim and Hel, so contemplate Whisper of the World if you wish to scoop up foes and deposit them within the water.

It’s not horrible in opposition to a solo enemy, but it surely’s not more likely to even budge a boss struggle. So far as God of Battle Ragnarok’s Runic Assaults go, Whisper of the World is unbelievable once you need to take care of a pack of foes rapidly and effectively, and it’s not a tough one to accumulate, both.