Where to find Meteoric Slam heavy runic attack for Kratos’ Blades of Chaos

Kratos’ iconic twin blades, the Blades of Chaos, that are imbued with flames that may stand up to even the tough chilly of Helheim, are again in God of Battle Ragnarok. They arrive with new strikes, abilities, and runic assaults.

The Blades of Chaos are actually out there from the get-go, not like the final title, the place they had been tied to narrative development. They not solely function an offensive software however are additionally a vital a part of traversal and puzzle-solving within the sport. Accessing the dual blades proper out of the field provides gamers extra choices throughout fight.


The Blades of Chaos even have a brand new moveset known as Whiplash, which permits Kratos to engulf them in flames, inflicting burn standing on enemies hit by the assault.

The fight fashion whereas utilizing the Blades of Chaos stays largely the identical. Nevertheless, Whiplash and Immolation change the system fairly a bit, making the weapon far more viable than within the final sport.

There are a selection of recent runic assaults, similar to Helios Flare and Flames of Anguish. Nevertheless, there are additionally a couple of returning ones, like Rampage of the Furies and the very highly effective heavy runic assault — Meteoric Slam.

Unlocking the Meteoric Slam is pretty simple and doesn’t require gamers to grind for the Surtr’s Flame useful resource, like in God of Battle (2018). Nevertheless, gamers will not be unlocking the heavy runic assault any sooner because it requires the completion of sure aspect content material.

Be aware: This text comprises delicate spoilers for God of Battle Ragnarok.

In God of Battle Ragnarok, the Meteoric Slam heavy runic assault for the Blades of Chaos is locked inside a legendary chest in Niflheim

In God of Battle (2018), the Meteoric Slam heavy runic assault was out there for buy on the Huldra brothers’ workshop after unlocking Muspelheim.

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Nevertheless, in God of Battle Ragnarok, the identical runic assault is discovered inside a legendary chest in Niflheim, which might solely be unlocked after discovering and killing 38 Odin’s Ravens.


Odin’s Ravens return in God of Battle Ragnarok. They’re woven into enjoyable aspect content material that rewards gamers with a robust armor set and among the greatest runic assaults for all of Kratos’ weapons.

In God of Battle (2018), Odin’s Ravens had been one of many largest gatekeepers for gamers trying to get the Platinum trophy. Nevertheless, their implementation in God of Battle Ragnarok feels far more natural and rewarding on the similar time.

Odin’s Ravens are additionally very simple to identify within the new title because of the improved stage format and higher placement of the emerald avians. This makes them far more seen throughout basic exploration and gameplay.


There are a complete of 48 Odin’s Ravens that gamers will come throughout in the whole sport. Out of those, 38 could be simply hunted down by usually exploring all of the totally different biomes within the sport.


As soon as gamers have discovered and killed 38 Odin’s Ravens, they’ll unlock the Meteoric Slam heavy runic assault for Kratos’ Blades of Chaos.

The Meteoric Slam is well top-of-the-line runic assaults within the final sport. Regardless of all the brand new runic assaults in God of Battle Ragnarok, the Meteoric Slam nonetheless holds up as top-of-the-line and most damaging runic assaults for the Blades of Chaos.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh