Where to find Ivaldi’s Anvil Leviathan Axe Heavy Runic attack

Runic assaults can typically be a game-changer throughout battles in God of Battle Ragnarok. For the uninitiated, runic assaults are particular assaults that Kratos can unlock by gathering sure runes which can be unfold throughout the 9 realms within the sport.

There are a complete of 28 runes in God of Battle Ragnarok for the three weapons that Kratos carries into battle. These runes are additional divided into Gentle and Heavy Runic assaults. Every of their assaults has its personal identifier and both offers a number of harm or staggers the enemy.

The place to seek out the Ivaldi’s Anvil Heavy Runic assault for the Leviathan Axe in God of Battle Ragnarok


Since these runes are so particular within the sport, they don’t seem to be straightforward to return by. Some runes are guarded by enemies, whereas others are hidden behind elaborate puzzles. Nevertheless, there are a number of runes which can be hidden in plain sight, so you’ll be able to simply miss recognizing them if you do not know what you are presupposed to be searching for.

The Ivaldi’s Anvil is a Heavy Runic assault in God of Battle Ragnarok. This assault is considerably straightforward to seek out, offered you understand the place to look. The assault might be discovered within the space often called The Derelict Outpost. Here is what you will have to do:

  • As soon as at The Derelict Outpost, you’ll have to proceed making your manner by means of the world till you come to a crane.
  • This crane might be rotated whereas holding down a series.
  • There also needs to be a ledge within the space. You’ll have to climb onto this ledge utilizing the crane as a pivot.
  • You’ll have to rotate the crane till it is within the right place. You may rotate the crane by placing the three plates on the high after throwing your Leviathan Axe.
  • As soon as that is achieved, you’ll then need to swing on it and make your strategy to the ledge on which the chest is situated.
  • You may then unlock the chest and declare the Ivaldi’s Anvil Heavy Runic assault for the Leviathan Axe in God of Battle Ragnarok.
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Apparently sufficient, there’s additionally a lore marker beside the chest on this space, so you’ll be able to work together with that as effectively as soon as you have claimed the Ivaldi’s Anvil Heavy Runic assault for the Leviathan Axe within the sport.

What does the Ivaldi’s Anvil Heavy Runic assault do in God of Battle Ragnarok?


The Ivaldi’s Anvil Heavy Runic assault unleashes an space of impact assault that freezes and damages each enemy caught inside its radius. It offers double harm and applies two stacks of the frost debuff to an enemy. Given how highly effective this assault is, it comes with a 140-second cooldown as effectively.

The advantage of utilizing this assault is the truth that it doesn’t devour any mana in any respect. Nevertheless, its lengthy cooldown retains it balanced within the sport.

There are a number of runic assaults in God of Battle Ragnarok, and you must choose one which compliments your playstyle. Both manner, these runic assaults are vital on the subject of battling highly effective enemies like Berserkers.

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