Where to find Arena medals in Horizon Forbidden West?

Horizon Forbidden West introduces a new form of activity called the Arena. It’s comparable to Horizon Zero Dawn’s Hunting Grounds in that it allows players to put their abilities to the test.

Players must first locate the Arena and complete a few qualifying objectives before earning Arena Medals in Horizon Forbidden West. To begin, accomplish “The Kulrut,” the major plot quest. Memorial Grove, Chief Hekarro, and the Sky Clan are all involved.

The next step is to finish “Opening the Arena.” Just outside the Arena’s entrance, speak with Kalla and Dukkah. They’ll ask Aloy to collect Sinew from a Rollerback and Bristleback Tusks, similar to the Charger Horns side quest “A Bigger Boom.”

Speak with Kalla about joining the challenges now that the Arena is open. It’s worth noting that Aloy will only be able to use the weapons that are currently in use.

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Before taking the challenge, read the overview to have the proper weapons and gear. The most difficult challenges, on the other hand, will provide Aloy with a unique loadout. That is because the most difficult challenges are tied to a scoreboard, ensuring that everyone is on an equal footing. You’ll be able to compare your results to those of other gamers.

Arena Medals get granted when a challenge in Horizon Forbidden West accomplishes. However, Aloy must finish the challenge within the time restriction, or he will not win Arena Medals. Consider decreasing the game’s difficulty if a challenge is exceptionally complex; this will not affect the rewards.

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Dukkah will take Arena Medals as payment after finishing a few challenges and earning enough of them. Outside the Arena gates, she can get seen on the opposite side of Kalla. Dukkah sells some of the best stuff in the game and delivers incredible perks. Bring any Hunting Grounds medals you have won; Dukkah will accept them as well.

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