Where to find all Treasure Chests in Bayonetta 3: Collectible locations revealed

Bayonetta 3 is the most recent version of the Bayonetta collection made solely for Nintendo Change. Because the recreation was just lately launched, gamers will wish to get hold of as many collectibles and loot as attainable to start their journey.

Treasure Chests in Bayonetta 3 include numerous gadgets that may assist gamers on their journey within the recreation. A few of these Treasure Chests include Damaged Moon Pearls or Damaged Witch Hearts. Others might begin puzzles or challenges that gamers want to finish to be able to get rewards.

Nonetheless, one factor is definite. Treasure Chests are invaluable gadgets that gamers mustn’t miss out on.

Finding all the Treasure Chests in Bayonetta 3 generally is a problem. Nonetheless, readers can comply with the chapter sections beneath to seek out all of them within the recreation.

All Treasure Chest places in Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3: Prologue

There are not any Treasure Chests situated within the Prologue.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 1

  • Chest #1: Proper within the middle of the higher space of the map.
  • Chest #2: After getting the primary chest, head to the left to seek out the second chest.
  • Chest #3: Gamers will discover the third chest across the waterfall.
  • Chest #4: This chest is situated behind the Summon Barrier of the waterfall. It requires a key from Verse #3 to unlock.
  • Chest #5: Earlier than coming into the world with the Multiverse Portal Generator, the chest is on the left aspect of the world by a cliff.
  • Chest #6: To the left after beginning in Shibuya.
  • Chest #7: Climb up the billboard to discover a chest.
  • Chest #8: The chest is on the rooftops of the world.
  • Chest #9: After leaving the tower, gamers will discover a big cracked space of the street. The chest is tucked away right here.
  • Chest #10: Find a copper pipe on the wall that heads in the direction of the skin of the tunnels beneath Shibuya. Fly to it to discover a treasure chest.
  • Chest #11: On the backside of the steps within the tunnels.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 2

  • Chest #1: To the left of the beginning space, above the flames.
  • Chest #2: Within the constructing with the ramp close to the beginning space (on the backside of the ramp).
  • Chest #3: On the prime of the constructing with the ramp.
  • Chest #4: Close to the water tower.
  • Chest #5: In the beginning of Verse #7.
  • Chest #6: Flip round after dealing with the towers and defeating the hordes of spiders to see the sixth chest.
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Bayonetta 3: Chapter 3

  • Chest #1: After heading to the highest of the primary constructing, look to the proper for the primary chest.
  • Chest #2: Head to the left to see a chest floating within the air.
  • Chest #3: Subsequent to the constructing after chasing the cat.
  • Chest #4: On the steps earlier than beginning Verse #5.
  • Chest #5: Discovered proper after Verse #5.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 4

  • Chest #1: After finishing the primary struggle within the space, go left to the sting of the cliff to discover a chest. Opening it begins a time trial that may award gamers with a Damaged Witch Coronary heart.
  • Chest #2: Bounce throughout the damaged bridge and head down into a spot to find the second chest.
  • Chest #3: Discover this chest situated close to the Summon Barrier. Gamers will get a Damaged Moon Pearl from it.
  • Chest #4: After going by way of the portal within the space, face off towards the enemies after which leap onto the small constructing. The chest is on the roof.
  • Chest #5: Earlier than crossing the lengthy damaged bridge, head down the steps at first of the bridge. There shall be a chest on the backside.
  • Chest #6: Cross the bridge to seek out the Umbran Crow. After discovering it, head to the proper to seek out the chest.
  • Chest #7: Head up the tower and discover a treasure chest situated on the left aspect of the courtyard on the prime.
  • Chest #8: Enter the primary door of the tower and discover a chest throughout a small lake of lava.
  • Chest #9: Heading into the brand new space, veer to the proper and leap throughout the damaged areas of the bottom. There shall be a chest on the opposite aspect.
  • Chest #10: On this space, head to the left on the primary bridge, the place a chest awaits.
  • Chest #11: Full the time manipulation puzzle to enter a constructing and open a chest containing a Damaged Witch Coronary heart.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 5

  • Chest #1: Straight forward from the beginning space.
  • Chest #2: Situated inside the primary courtyard.
  • Chest #3: After leaving Verse #6, gamers will see a chest.
  • Chest #4: Heading again to the place Verse #6 occurred, gamers will discover a chest underneath the second bridge.
  • Chest #5: After Verse #8, gamers can see the chest floating within the air after they flip round.
  • Chest #6: Left from the Gates of Hell portal.
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Bayonetta 3: Chapter 6

  • Chest #1: Situated on a rampart above the courtyard.
  • Chest #2: Above the primary door of the constructing opened up when beating Verse #3.
  • Chest #3: After coming into the primary constructing, gamers will see the chest on the outskirts of the lava.
  • Chest #4: On the finish of the world, on the opposite aspect of a damaged bridge.
  • Chest #5: Proceed throughout the damaged bridge and down across the aspect to discover a chest.
  • Chest #6: Beneath the Verse #5 Portal.
  • Chest #7: After reaching the highest of the constructing after Verse #7, gamers will discover a chest to the proper.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 7

  • Chest #1: Take a floating platform off the primary path to seek out the primary chest.
  • Chest #2: Enter the tower on the left and climb to the highest to discover a chest.
  • Chest #3: Open the door utilizing a key after beating Verse #2 for the third chest.
  • Chest #4: Head out to the primary space and loop across the sealed door to seek out the fourth chest.
  • Chest #5: Dig instantly after reaching the big space whereas using Cheshire.
  • Chest #6: As Viola, run round to a set of stairs heading down to seek out the sixth chest.
  • Chest #7: Proper subsequent to the place gamers struggle Verse #7.
  • Chest #8: Undergo the newly opened door to seek out chest #8 on the prime.
  • Chest #9: Behind the quicksand waterfall.
  • Chest #10: After defeating an enemy within a sand pit, gamers will discover a chest floating close by.
  • Chest #11: Outdoors the portal to Verse #8.
  • Chest #12: On the prime of the tower in the midst of the world.
  • Chest #13: Floating within the sand to the proper of the world.
  • Chest #14: Climb the tower on the left earlier than exiting the world. The chest is on the prime.
  • Chest #15: In a small tower proper after Verse #9.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 8

  • Chest #1: To the proper of Verse #3.
  • Chest #2: On the shifting platforms, proper after discovering the primary chest.
  • Chest #3: Whereas on the platforms, go over to the tower on the proper to seek out the third chest.
  • Chest #4: Swing to the chest out within the distance within the subsequent space.
  • Chest #5: Head to the highest of the world to be able to discover a chest.
  • Chest #6: Behind one of many towers within the new space.
  • Chest #7: Inside a door in the identical space because the sixth chest.
  • Chest #8: Hidden in an alcove whereas heading right down to the bridge beneath this space.
  • Chest #9: Head beneath the bridge to discover a chest.
  • Chest #10: Upstairs within the temple.
  • Chest #11: Contained in the sealed door contained in the temple.
  • Chest #12: Within the space with the Verse #6 problem, gamers will discover a chest to the proper.
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Bayonetta 3: Chapter 9

  • Chest #1: Climb the tower after Verse #1.
  • Chest #2: Head up the steps to discover a second chest.
  • Chest #3: At the back of the temple with the whirling windmills.
  • Chest #4: Off to the proper aspect of the wind tunnel.
  • Chest #5: Within the ceiling above the Gates of Hell Portal.
  • Chest #6: Head down the corridor after Verse #6 to discover a chest.
  • Chest #7: On the left after coming into the temple.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 10

  • Chest #1: Throughout from Verse #1 portal.
  • Chest #2: Behind the Summon Barrier.
  • Chest #3: On the proper of the bridge after leaving the Summon Barrier space.
  • Chest #4: On the proper aspect of the road.
  • Chest #5: In a courtyard by a fountain.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 11

  • Chest #1: Gentle up the tunnels at first to seek out the primary chest.
  • Chest #2: To the proper of the primary chest.
  • Chest #3: Flip round after discovering the Gates of Hell Portal to seek out one other chest.
  • Chest #4: Behind a damaged ramp after heading down the primary street.
  • Chest #5: Proper after coming into the Chaotic Rift.
  • Chest #6: In the course of the side-scrolling a part of Verse #9.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 12

  • Chest #1: Head to the left after Verse #4 to say the chest.

Bayonetta 3: Chapter 13


There are not any Treasure Chests in Chapter 13.

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