Where to find all Card Packs in Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 was launched completely for the Nintendo Swap amid a lot controversy on October 28, 2022. It’s the third installment within the franchise starring the Umbral Witch, Bayonetta, together with a model new protagonist, Viola.

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As with earlier video games within the franchise, the title options many collectibles for the gamers to unlock, resembling Card Packs. Acquiring them unlocks varied gadgets that may be seen within the in-game gallery. Nonetheless, this stuff don’t provide any gameplay benefits. Listed within the subsequent part are the Card Packs and their places in every chapter of Bayonetta 3.


Notice: This information is a piece in progress and can be up to date in a while to incorporate the opposite chapters.

Finding the Card Packs in Bayonetta 3

1) Prologue

No Card Packs are obtainable within the prologue of Bayonetta 3.

2) Chapter 1

  • The primary Card Pack will be positioned on high of a tree department behind the tower.
  • The second is on high of a excessive ledge to the left of a waterfall within the middle of the stage.
  • The third pack is obtainable after finishing the time puzzle on the rooftops. As soon as that it’s performed, head upward towards the billboard and fly over to the opposite facet of the road to get on the rooftops and seize the merchandise.
  • The fourth one is hidden in a nook behind the central curved tower.
  • The fifth one will be noticed within the tunnels underneath Shibuya. Take the primary proper, after which look proper to find it.
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3) Chapter 2

The lone Card Pack will be positioned behind a pillar, on the suitable facet of the beginning space.

4) Chapter 3

  • Full the battle and procure the primary Card Pack on the rightmost facet of the stage.
  • The second pack will be obtained publish Verse 5. Proceed going ahead to search out the merchandise in a nook.
  • The third one is usually a bit difficult to acquire. It’s essential to seize the pack earlier than the clouds of erasure encompass you. It may be discovered close to the primary set of buildings if you happen to swing throughout from the start line as the choice Bayonetta.
  • The fourth and closing Card Pack of the extent is close to the left facet of the stage simply earlier than the ending cinematic of Verse 6.

5) Chapter 5

  • The primary Card Pack will be discovered on the suitable facet earlier than Verse 2 begins.
  • Head across the again of the tower to search out the second pack.
  • Head on all the way down to the westernmost tower to get the third one behind the construction.
  • Full Verse 4 to accumulate the fourth Card Pack within the enviornment.
  • Head out the door of the constructing the place Verse 5 takes place. Climb as much as the suitable to disclose the fifth pack.
  • Emerge from the tunnel to search out the sixth pack hidden on the roof of the picket walkway.

6) Chapter 6

  • The primary pack will be discovered on the rooftop of the constructing dealing with the courtyard.
  • Go by means of the doorway in the primary courtyard and head towards the tower. On the left, you’ll find the second pack.
  • Full Verse 7 and get the third Card Pack on the ledge close to the lava.
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7) Chapter 7

  • The primary pack will be obtained on high of the tree beside the small constructing.
  • Hidden on the bottom flooring between the 2 towers is the place you’ll find the second merchandise.
  • Head onward to search out the third pack on a ledge to the left.

8) Chapter 8

  • The primary card is positioned behind the waterfall within the opening space.
  • The second will be discovered beneath the bridge, close to the again of the towers.

9) Chapter 9

  • Seize the primary pack proper earlier than heading to the temple, positioned on high of a excessive rock.
  • The second will be discovered on the left, proper earlier than you enter the central temple.
  • The third Card Pack is hidden within the room of Verse 7 behind the damaged door on the suitable.
  • The fourth one will be noticed throughout a chase sequence within the subsequent room. The clouds of erasure will observe you; ensure to outrun them.
  • Cross the bridge to enter the following room and purchase the fifth Card Pack.
  • The sixth pack will be found on the left facet of the altar. You’ll want to seize it earlier than the cutscene begins.

10) Chapter 10

This Bayonetta 3 Card Pack will be collected on high of a ledge after crossing onto the stone outcrop if you full Verse 2.

11) Chapter 11

  • Destroy the bus in your left after Verse 2 to disclose the primary Card Pack.
  • The second and closing one will be acquired proper behind the underground entrance.


One very last thing to notice is that Bayonetta 3’s facet missions don’t have any Card Packs to supply.

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