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Where did we see William Abadie appearing in “And Just Like That…”?

Where did we see William Abadie appearing in “And Just Like That…”?

The actor enters the new series of “Sex and the City”, but the most attentive can recognize him from other projects.

William Abadie had appeared in other series before.

William Abadie is the newest actor to join the remake of the Sex and the City series. The actor introduces himself as Zed to Seema Patel, Carrie Bradshaw’s new girlfriend on ‘And Just Like That…’. Still, this isn’t the first time Abadie has taken part in the series – he had already had a small role in the original version – and has taken part in other projects that are well known to the public. It is therefore normal for you to say: “This face is not alien to me”.

In the sixth season of Sex and the City, William Abadie played Tony, a Prada salesman. In the fifth episode, Carrie and her then-boyfriend Jack Berger entered a luxury brand store to shop.

“Do you know any single, amazing and beautiful women like you that I can date?” Tony asked Carrie at the time, pointing out the name of Charlotte, who recently split from Harry. William Abadie also stars in Emily in Paris.

The actor plays businessman Antoine Lambert, who runs the Maison Lavaux restaurant and had an affair with Sylvie. Gossip Girl and Homeland were other projects he worked on.

This isn’t the first time And Just Like That… has cast a Sex and the City actor for a new role. In the sixth installment of the spinoff, Ajay Mehta played Seema’s father. He had already worked as a restaurant clerk in the second season of “Sex and the City”.


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