when Matt Damon takes Ben Affleck down for losing his role to Robert Pattinson


Who likes to punish well, he says! Such is the case with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, who have been friends for many years. And Jason Bourne’s interpreter didn’t miss the opportunity to gently address his buddy in a video posted on Instagram about his role as Batman, which was attributed to Robert Pattinson.

Damon mocks Affleck for losing his role as Batman

While the release of Matt Reeves’ film starring Robert Pattinson in the role of Dark Knight will finally be released in 2022, Ben Affleck was the last to put on the Batman costume. Let’s wait until we’ve figured out the interpretation of the star revealed in Twilight to judge, but the fact that Affleck is no longer playing the role seems to have amused Matt Damon.

In any case, this seems to be what Damon meant in a video posted on Instagram to encourage internet users to donate to a charity. The two actors and friends take turns until Matt Damon attacks the Batman’s ex-interpreter.

Affleck then asks Damon to say something about the camera in order to win internet users for a good cause:

Say something that might make them come, “Hey, come and see Jason Bourne, Batman and …”

And then Matt Damon cuts him off and tells him:

Robert Pattinson is coming?

And Ben Affleck does not lose the reparation and throws it:

No, but Jeremy Renner will be there!

A nice exchange between the two acolytes that ends with the coup de grace of the actor from Seul sur Mars:

Jeremy Renner didn’t play Jason Bourne. He enlarged the universe. Robert Pattinson has accepted your job.

We let you discover the video below. As a reminder, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have just completed their next film, The Last Duel, directed by Ridley Scott.