When Chiellini’s leotard turns into a meme (16 tweets)

Like many football fans around the world, your eyes were surely on the England / Italy match this Sunday evening on the occasion of the Euro 2020 final. Additionally, your reactions to this exhilarating game made us laugh. Because internet users in social networks are not only real professionals of ready-made phrases, but also specialists in hijacking and memes …

This moment not to be missed

When extra time for the long-awaited game was coming to an end, something happened to put the least hilarity in the way and you didn’t fail to let us know. In fact, a mistake by the captain of the Italian team made a lot of ink flow, much to our delight …

In a final push to save his team, Giorgio Chiellini seems to have sacrificed himself in favor of the Nazionale. He made one of the biggest mistakes of Euro 2020 and therefore received a yellow card for the first time in the competition.

However, the defense attorney was lucky because his gesture could have earned him a lot more … you’re probably wondering what he could have done. Of course, if you missed it, we’ll explain everything to you!

Overstrained in the left lane, Giorgio Chiellini had no choice but to grab the Englishman Bukayo Saka by the shirt collar. Under its dramatic appearance, the sequence seems to have made you laugh as much as it did us. Here is the picture that talked so much!

As usual, Internet users hurried to make various detours just as funny as the original image. Here is a small selection of the best we have met.

Containment measures / I: Planning to go on vacation

I don’t know who did it better, Chiellini or Madonna’s dancer!

Variants / Vaccinated people trying to live their lives

When you leave your laptop and forget that your headphones are still plugged in

Chiellini when Saka was thinking of scoring a goal

Extra time / I want to go back to my bed

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