WhatsApp is rolling out Auto-Save Media feature for Disappearing Chats

You can now turn off the automatic saving of media to your smartphone’s gallery or Camera Roll when disappearing messages are turned on in a chat. This feature is being rolled out by WhatsApp now. When a chat disappears, the encrypted messaging service will still let users save the media they sent to each other. A new beta version of its iOS app has also been seen with two new pencil tools that can be used to annotate or mark up images before they are sent on WhatsApp.

People who use the Meta-owned messaging service WABetaInfo have seen a change in the way media is saved on disappearing chats. For Android and iOS users, the “media visibility” feature has been turned off for chats with disappearing messages enabled. This message will now show up to explain why. In February, the feature was first seen being worked on.

The “message visibility” setting has changed. WhatsApp is telling its users about the new setting. If you use WhatsApp, you can make messages disappear from both the sender and the recipient’s phones after a certain amount of time. Users can choose from three options for disappearing chats: 24 hours, 7 days, and 90 days.

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You can no longer save all the messages, images, and videos you send in disappearing chats. The latest update has also turned off a feature that would have saved all the media you sent in disappearing chats when you sent them. New Message Reactions are being worked on by WhatsApp for Android Beta users:

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Whatsapp now shows a pop-up message to users when they tap on the media visibility setting for vanishing chats so that they know that messages in the chat are set to disappear. If you want to keep your media private, don’t save it to your phone’s gallery. If you want to keep photos and videos from this chat, “turn off disappearing messages.” Gadgets 360 was able to find out that the feature was turned off in chats where disappearing messages were turned on in the most recent versions of WhatsApp for Android and iOS.

As of now, users on iOS will be able to choose one or more images to save to their Camera Roll, and Android users on some versions of WhatsApp will also be able to save media manually. Gadgets 360 was able to save images from WhatsApp chats with disappearing messages turned on in the most recent Android and iOS apps. They were able to do this manually. Whatsapp has added a new drawing tool for ios beta.

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