What will the cast of the Iron Man trilogy look like in 2021?


Iron Man was an event when it was released in 2008. A new hero came onto our screens, preparing to revolutionize the hero genre in cinema. Since then, 22 Marvel Cinematic Universe films have followed. As we eagerly await new Marvel movies in theaters, we wondered what the cast of Iron Man look like a few years later. Be careful, you might get old.

Iron Man 13 years later

After the success of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy and the craze for the X-Men in the cinema, Paramount decided in the late 2000s to take turns turning to the superhero genre. In 2008, Iron Man comes out for The First Time in Cinema, and very quickly he became a hero adored by viewers. In 2010 Tony Stark is back for a new solo adventure, then starred with fellow Avengers in the movie of the same name in 2012, before his final solo adventure in 2013. For 13 years since the first film came out, time has passed by in a flash … So we decided to dedicate the day before / after Tony Stark and his gang. Find out what the cast of the Iron Man trilogy looks like today in 2021.

Tony Stark – Iron Man / Robert Downey Jr.

Pepper Pots / Gwyneth Paltrow

Happy Hogan / Jon Favreau

James Rhodes – War Machine / Terrence Howard

JARVIS (future vision) / Paul Bettany

Obadiah Stane – Iron Monger / Jeff Bridges

Ho Yinsen / Shaun Toub

Christine Everhart / Leslie Bibb

Nick Fury / Samuel L. Jackson

Phil Coulson / Clark Gregg

Natasha Romanoff – Black Widow / Scarlett Johansson

James Rhodes – War Machine / Don Cheadle

Justin Hammer / Sam Rockwell

Ivan Vanko – Whiplash / Mickey Rourke

Howard Stark / John Slattery

Aldrich Killian / Guy Pearce

Trevor Slattery – The Mandarin / Ben Kingsley

Maya Hansen / Rebecca Hall

Harley Keener / Ty Simpkins

The President of the United States / William Sadler

Vice President of the United States / Miguel Ferrer

So much for that new before / after, if you want to extend the pleasure, we invite you to discover or rediscover our final before / after, which was dedicated to The Dark Knight trilogy.