What to remember from the trailer revealed by Netflix


We finally have an official trailer for Season 2 of The Witcher on Netflix, but unfortunately we have to wait until December 17th to see the first episode of the series. Even if the Covid-19 was there, the shooting went its way without too much pressure. In this second season we’re going to introduce a Geralt trying to protect a powerful Ciri she doesn’t understand. To help us out, the trailer is full of little secrets, winking eyes, and clues as to what we’re likely to see during the series.

Geralt and Ciri at Kaer Morhen

If you remember correctly, witers are sterile, just like witches. Acquiring such skills comes at a price, and it’s terrible. But Geralt managed to find a loophole thanks to the surprise right. An old law that required the person to give something they didn’t know they had. So Ciri became his adopted daughter. The trailer begins with the line “So, I am your destiny?” “You are much more than that, Ciri.” A meaningful exchange between Ciri and Geralt, captured from a scene in the book when they first met. By the way, “Much More” was the title of the last episode of season 1.

So the two companions find each other in Kaer Morhen, the fortress of the writers. If you’ve just played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you know it in its ruined state. Here it is still very healthy and inhabited by many smitters. We clearly distinguish between Geralt’s old friend, Lambert, but also Eskel and Coen, and Geralt’s mentor, Vesemir, who remains rather discreet.

Attack by Kaer Morhen

The fortress is full of details. When Ciri visits her, we see Geralt’s swords with the silver Viper sword in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, recognizable by the snake on the pommel. On another level, we observe various medallions from the wolf school, all of which start to vibrate. A sign that a powerful magical presence is nearby. A danger that could arise from a monster attack, since we see Vesemir and Geralt back to back. Or a witch attack …

In fact, it seems very likely that Nilfgaard will track Ciri to the fortress and attack it with powerful magical powers in order to capture it. Given the situation, Ciri will most likely have to use her powers again. Which she fears, as she sometimes has the impression that she could “burn the whole world”. A threat that will be the focus of action during Season Two. The focus is to be on Ciri’s relentless flight around the world, pursued by the Kingdom of Niflgaard, and perhaps the still coveted Wild Hunt, the first clues of which have long since leaked.

And the other characters?

We took a quick look at a few other key characters from the The Witcher universe. We can start with Jasquier, who appears very briefly, barely a second. The bard can be seen here playing music in her famous hat with a heron feather on it. The character also looks older than before.

Finally, we had a brief vision of a Yennefer at the end of wisdom. Not found after a fight in season one, viewers didn’t know if she was still alive. Tissaia de Vries is shown desperately looking for her, but the end of the trailer reveals that she was captured by Fringilla, the witch of the Niflgaard who leads the magical branch of their armies. Although the Empire was defeated in Season 1, it is unlikely to stop its march. The powers of Yennefer are therefore used to serve their purposes of conquest.