what these 23 characters would look like in real life

Artists tried to imagine what the people at One Piece would look like in real life. This is the case with Ainome on Reddit, who, for example, reproduced the entire Straw Hat crew (which you will discover in the rest of the article). For the rest of the characters that you are about to discover, all of the credit goes to the AnimeData youtube channel. Nico Robin and Sanji are finally very close to their true qualities. This kid’s head looks very good on Luffy, the lines of the face are rather faithful and precise. For the most part, the result remains very astonishing and breathtakingly realistic. Using algorithms and Photoshop retouching, these artists actually managed to bring these 23 fictional characters to life.

# 1 sakazuki

# 2 leg Le Roux

# 3 sabo

# 4 white beard

# 5 mihawk

# 6 Kuzan

# 7 Borsalino

# 8 kaido

# 9 Kuma

# 10

# 11 Boa Hancock

# 12 Fujitora

# 13 Doflamingo

# 14 crocodile

# 15 baggy

# 16 big mom

# 17 dragon

# 18 ace

# 19 Luffy

# 20 The straw hat pirates

To go even further, discover the new shape of this cult figure from One Piece that is panicking internet users.

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