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What should be observed from the episode and what can be expected from the next?

Attack on Titan has become a real institution in the world of manga and anime. Season 4 took a turn that couldn’t be more explosive and brings a lot of answers, which is in stark contrast to Season 3 which was much slower (though intense, but in a different way). In this article, we propose to take the main points from episode 5 of season 4 and predict what events might occur in the next episode.

Warning: This article contains very large loot related to Season 4 of Attack on Titan. If you haven’t seen it and don’t want to be pampered, we recommend that you stop reading here.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5

Warning: This is where the spoiler for Episode 5 of Season 4 of Attack on Titan begins.

The fifth episode of the fourth season of Attack on Titan, called “Declaration of War,” caused a lot of reactions from fans who had not read the original manga. The episode starts with a bang, with Eren, Falco, and Reiner talking (and to say the least, Eren leading the conversation). Reiner’s first question is, “What did you come here for?” The character wanted to ask how Eren had ended up here, but changed his mind. We agree with him: when danger is imminent, it is better to know what your enemy’s intentions are, rather than the road he has traveled to get there.

In this episode we follow the speech of Mr. Willy Teyber, who first narrates the arrival of Ymir in order to continue the story of King Fritz, the existence of paradise and the danger associated with Eren. During this monologue, we can see Reiner on the verge of syncope. Falco, on the other hand, realizes pretty quickly, given Reiner’s reaction, that he and Eren probably knew each other in Paradise. During Mr. Teyber’s public statement, we learn that the walls of heaven are made of colossal titans and that the man who ended the war is none other than King Fritz himself, the king, are walls that everyone thought hideous than he was wanted to prevent the war. According to Willy Teyber, he was aware of the irreparable crimes of the Eldian people. At this point, the people who listen to him are a little lost: if the King of the Walls didn’t want to take over the world, then why should heaven be a threat?

Mr Teyber then confesses that his clan are just a clique of liars, but now it is time to unite to contain a terrible threat to the world. This threat is none other than Eren, who received the original Titan. Eren Jäger is indeed able to set up “Le Grand Terrassement” and once set up, no one can stop him. Eren confirms: He could destroy the world, but from his point of view the danger was not from him at first. Eren reminds Reiner that his mother was devoured and asks why it had to happen. Eren pretends to forgive Reiner, but turns into a titan the moment Willy Teyber has just declared war on him and reduces him to pieces. No doubt: Eren wants to continue until he has exterminated all of his enemies.

What can we expect from the next episode?

Many of our readers haven’t read the Shingeki No Kyojin manga, so we can’t afford to say too much. However, we may be interested in some of the elements contained in this episode. Falco actually realized that it was indirectly used to warn Eren’s “comrades”. So we can assume that more characters will appear in earlier seasons in the upcoming episode.

In addition, the idea of ​​”Grand Terrassement” was finally implemented. We now know what Eren is capable of, and we can expect an emotional battle. It must be said that the line of non-return has been crossed in this episode, and we now know that going back will be very difficult (if not entirely impossible). Eren will certainly have to bend his elbows to defeat the entire Mahr squad, but his childlike anger has not subsided over time. While we wait to discover the next episode, you can take our poll for Season Four of Attack on Titan.


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