What kind of anime villain are you?


Before this new personality test, you may need to take our previous test to find out what anime hero you would be in another world. Today we have shifted to the dark side of power. That is why we invite you to find out which anime villain suits you best. the one who comes closest to the dark part that you hold deep inside you in the end!

Villains in anime

The villains in the anime are sometimes ultimately the ones we prefer. We all remember a villain or a villain who shaped us a lot, be it in Berserk or in Naruto for example with Orochimaru.

Have you ever wondered which villain has the most in common with you? Do you have any shortcomings that these villains consider to be real strengths? In any case, you have entered the lair of sins, the world of darkness, the last circle of hell. You will find sadists, manipulators, psychopaths, characters who revel in death, and others who would do absolutely anything to become someone who will make history. You will understand how to give up all values ​​here, but still keep your honesty. You need it to complete the upcoming test!

The personality test to determine which villain you are in anime

So, as agreed, here is the personality test that can help you determine what villain you would be in the limitless universe that is the world of anime:

What’s your result? Did you expect to be compared to such a monster one day? Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback in the comment section! That way, we can determine what kind of villain we have in the reading community. And if you want to keep the momentum with personality tests, you can take another of our tests (a little nicer) to find out which anime character is your soulmate.