What is War-Dead Catacombs in Elden Ring?

War-Dead Catacombs is a place in Caelid in the Elden Ring. It is the home of the Putrid Tree Spirit, who can be found there. This cave also has a few crafting items, weapons that can be upgraded, and new Spirit Ashes. On this page, we’ll show you how to finish the War-Dead Catacombs.

How to Find War-Dead Catacombs?

People who want to go into the War-Dead Catacombs must first get rid of their enemy, the Starscourge Radahn. That’s because the entrance is in the boss arena, which is at the northeastern tip of the beach that has been ravaged by the storm. Radahn is dead when you get to the north of the Starscourge Radahn Site of Grace. It’s just a short horseback ride.

A walkthrough of the Elden Ring

For a while, the War-Dead Catacombs seem like a normal place. You just have to go down a few flights of stairs, but that’s not the case for long. It looks like there’s a lot of fighting going on at the end of the hall after the stairs. There are a lot of spectral knights and soldiers fighting. There are going to be no more of them in a few minutes, but they’re not gone yet. They’ve just gone down into the scarlet rot pools below. Once the people have moved, it’s a lot safer to go out and look around, but the area isn’t completely safe.

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Elden Ring: How to Finish War-Dead Catacombs?

During the fight below, there are still some archers who aren’t afraid to shoot. One of these archer knights is in the northeast corner, which isn’t yet open. Keep an eye on that corner for the arrows that will be coming your way, and you’ll be fine. To get Magic Grease, run to the corpse in the middle of this area, run up the stairs in the back of the room to the right, and run to a door at the end of this path.

When you get to the next passageway, you’re still not safe. There’s another archer knight at the far north end. In order to give yourself more room to move around, you should roll past its arrows and into the larger square section. This way, you’ll be able to lure the knight out and defeat it in the best way possible. For now, don’t pay attention to the windows you pass by. Keep going into the next room. Pick up Grave Glovewort as you go, then keep going.

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It has a Grave Violet near the window and a spear knight in the next room. As long as you don’t backstab him, you can use it to your advantage. This guy is no slouch. Another Grave Violet and another Grave Glovewort are in the room the knight was guarding, as well. Then, jump out the first window on your left.

When you get to this part, you’ll be on a high platform with a doorway that’s flanked by Jade Goblins. Before you go in, be aware of all the enemies that are around you. The bow-and-arrow knight is through the western window, two more Jade Goblins are on the northern ledge, and there’s a powerful knight inside the door that the two goblins are guarding. To be the best, you should try to kill the two-door goblins first. Then, try to kill the knight inside. If you win, you’ll find the Radahn Soldier Ashes in the middle of the room the knight was protecting.

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There are two more goblins on this ledge. Take them out, then jump through the window to finally get rid of the knight who’s still up there. A Grave Glovewort and the lever that opens the metal boss doors are right next to him. With the boss in sight, there’s still a lot of loot to get. It’s time to get out of this room. Go through the window again, down some stairs, and down by the large statue. Then kill the three Jade Goblins who are protecting this area.

With the goblins taken care of, pick up the Ghost Glovewort in the dark alcove and head into the next passageway next. Scarlet rot water is what’s under the area we’re in. This means there will be powerful enemies down there. You should avoid or run away from any and all enemies you come across in these waters because they’ll be covered in scarlet rot. Trying to fight down here isn’t worth taking on all the danger and risk.

Get the Silver-Picked Fowl Foot by running for the glowing thing in front of you to the south. If you keep going west, you’ll find stairs to the upper level of this area. But don’t go back up just yet. Using that higher level, if you need to, try to get rid of the scarlet rot. Then, dive back down and go to that treasure chest to get Collapsing Stars, which will help you get rid of it.

Only one more thing is down here. Go east from the chest to find a Golden Rune on a corpse. In this case, you’ve grabbed everything of value. To get to the Putrid Tree Spirit, head up the stairs to the southeast, then straight to the west to find the boss room doors and the mist gate. There, you’ll find the Putrid Tree Spirit. Take a break at the Site of Grace if you’re running low on water flasks. You can go back to the boss room with the lever turned. It’s a safe and easy way to get back there.

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