What is UFO Gaming (UFO) and why this is going popular?

UFO Gaming is a metaverse gaming platform that is currently making waves. In the game world, metaverse-themed projects are getting popular. The blockchain gaming industry has exploded over the last few months. Today, we will take a look at the UFO gaming ecosystem and the UFO token, which is one of BitYard’s most popular gaming tokens. UFO Gaming was just added to CoinSpot’s platform. You may exchange, trade, and buy a variety of cryptocurrencies there.

Let’s take a closer look at this metaverse cryptocurrency.

What is UFO Gaming crypto?

The UFO Gaming cryptocurrency was introduced in July 2021. It was first released on the Ethereum blockchain but later converted to a Polygon layer-2 solution to save money on gas costs. UFO Gaming is based on a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

It’s a gaming metaverse platform that aims to bridge the gap between traditional AAA gaming and the play-to-earn crypto model. By participating in the UFO gaming environment, players can also win incentives.

Furthermore, UFO Gaming is a community-oriented environment with safe and secure smart contracts.

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UFO gaming’s community-oriented features

According to CoinMarketCap, it has a total supply of 25,757,575,757,576 coins. Its main token, $UFO, is entirely owned by the community. Fifty percent is added to Uniswap, while the other 50 percent is burned indefinitely.

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To play Super Galactic, the ecosystem’s initial game, users must stake UFO or UFO/ETH LP in The Cosmos. Users will need a playable character or non-player character (NPCs) called UFOeps to play the game.

The other two tokens are $UAP, which can be earned by completing Super Galactic’s daily missions, including UFOep breeding, and Plasma Points, which may be earned by staking UFO and used to purchase UFOeps for use in the Super Galactic game.

Furthermore, UFO Gaming will create an NFT marketplace where users may trade in-game assets.

What Is Super Galactic?

Super Galactic is an RPG/Arcade/ARG hybrid that allows players to fight and produce digital super troops (NFTs). The supergalactic game combines a decentralized auto battler game with an NFT collection and is built on the Ethereum Blockchain, with the polygon network connected to ensure minimal gas fees and transaction times. These computerized super soldiers (NFTs) are fighters that landed on a scavenged planet with an extraterrestrial culture bent on destroying the world’s tranquility.

UFO Gaming’s first NFT-based game will be featured in their “Dark Metaverse.”

Tokenomics of UFO Gaming

The UFO and UAP tokens make up the UFO and UAP token system in UFO games. The following are examples: How both of these tokens can be used?

  • UFO Token: The UFO ecosystem’s core token is also used to control the DAO and impact the metaverse. The token will play an important role in the next super galactic game release due to the staking and LP aspects. A total of 51,515,151,515,515 was made, with half of it (estimated to be worth $467,242,424 ) being destroyed in the first phase.
  • UAP Token: Earned by playing the Super Galactic Game and used to buy, sell, and breed NFTs.
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Both the UFO and UAP tokens can be swapped On the open market.

Where is UFO gaming based?

UFO Interactive Games is an American publisher of interactive video game content situated in the City of Industry, California. The company develops on many platforms with a focus on innovative and mass-market gaming software.

Where to buy UFO Gaming Crypto?

Many crypto exchanges listed the UFO Gaming cryptocurrency that is UFO Token & UAP Token. Check our most popular crypto trading platform list below: where you can trade in almost all cryptocurrencies.

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges with links:

  • Coinbase – Best crypto exchange overall
  • Kraken – Intuitive trading interface
  • Coinmama – Fast account verification
  • Crypto.com – Wide selection of cryptocurrencies
  • Bittrex – Great security features
  • Coinbase Pro – Unlimited maximum trading amount
  • Cash App – Invest from just $1
  • Bisq – No registration needed to trade
  • Gemini – Free crypto exchange account

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