What is Twitter’s DM Search Is All About? Find More About This New Update Here!!

Twitter has added a new feature to its microblogging service. Users can now search for specific messages in the direct message (DM) feature. There were times before that when people could search in the DMs. They could only search for users or groups.

It was last year that Twitter added a search bar for DMs to its Android app. It had said that users could search for specific content in DMs. This feature was first available on the iOS app two years before it was available on Android.

Users will be able to search for specific words and names in their email by using the search bar. A person, a group, or a message will be the three options that Twitter will show when people search in the DMs. Users can now use the new feature to look for messages that they want to read.

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In May of last year, Twitter announced that it would be possible to search for keywords in DMs. This was the same month that the search feature for Android was added to the Android app. In the past, users could only search for people or groups they were in. When it came to its iOS app, however, the search feature was added in 2019.

Twitter said this week that iOS users will be able to make GIFs with the in-app camera. Users can share GIFs by clicking the new tweet button, then tapping the photo icon, then the camera icon, making sure to choose the GIF mode, and then holding the record button. At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be a way to share GIFs outside of the platform.

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