What is Twitter Circle? Here’s How You Can Use It?

The website started testing Twitter Circle with a small group of users. It looks like it’s now starting to roll out to more people. The feature is similar to Instagram’s Close Friends in that it lets users send tweets to a small group of people instead of to everyone on Twitter.

It’s not clear right now how many people have access to Circle. It looks like more people, including myself, are finally seeing the feature pop up when they start writing a tweet, but some people still say they don’t have access yet. Joseph Nunez, a spokesman for Twitter, told The Verge that it is still being tested.

Nunez said, “We are still testing Twitter Circle with a group of people around the world who use iOS, Android, and the Web.” “The feature has not been made available to most people yet because we are still getting feedback.”

Update your Twitter app or go to Twitter in a web browser to see if you have access to Twitter Circle. When you start writing a tweet, you’ll see a dropdown menu at the top that says, Everyone.

From here, you can choose Twitter Circle to limit your tweet to a certain group of people, or you can click Edit to add or remove people from your Circle. Twitter won’t tell people when you add or remove them from your list.

Twitter Circle: The Facts You Should Know About

  1. Access Twitter Circle While Composing a Tweet

You can find out if you are one of the first people to test Twitter Circle by updating the app or going to the Twitter web.
Write a tweet now. Click on the drop-down menu that says “Everyone” in that window.
You can choose Twitter Circle from here. But if you want to change anything on the list, you can click on “Edit.”

2. The list can hold up to 150 names
The “Close Friends” feature on Instagram is like Twitter Circle. It gives people the chance to choose who can see a certain tweet.
The Circle list can only have 150 people on it. People can be added or taken off the list at any time, but Twitter won’t let them know. People who follow you or don’t can be on the list.
3. Tweets that go to a Circle can’t be shared again.
Will people know they are in a Circle? Every tweet that can only be seen by people in your Twitter Circle will have a note that says, “This tweet can only be seen by people in @[yourusernameTwitter ]’s Circle.”
Only the people on this list can’t retweet. But they can still take a picture of it or download it. Even though Circle is private, Twitter’s rules for the community still apply.

4. Testing is still going on for Twitter Circle.
No one knows how many people can use the Circle feature. It is still being tested, though.
“We are still testing the feature with a small group of iOS, Android, and Web users around the world,” Joseph Nunez, a spokesperson for Twitter, told The Verge.
“The feature has not been made available to most people yet because we are still getting feedback.”

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