What is “Swipe to Queue” Feature in Snapchat is all about?

Spotify users on Android will soon be able to “Swipe to Queue.” The feature was only available to iOS users for a long time, but now it’s available to everyone. This new feature looks like it’s being made available to people who are using Spotify’s beta version.

Soon, all Android users will be able to swipe to change songs. After Podsights and Chartable were bought by Spotify last month, the company continued to invest in podcasting by adding more tools for advertisers and podcasters to use.

It’s important to note that the “Swipe to Queue” name isn’t official because the company hasn’t made any official announcements about its Android rollout yet, so it’s not official. You can add tracks to a Spotify queue with just one simple move. A Reddit thread was where the feature was first seen. People who use Spotify on Android have been able to use the feature, says Far-Contact-9369.

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Spotify is yet to make an official announcement regarding the rollout. We expect the company to share more details once the feature rolls out widely.

The gesture comes just a few weeks after Spotify open-sourced its Ruler tool to help app developers analyze their app sizes.

In other Spotify news, it bought Podsights and Chartable in February. podsights helps marketers see how well their ads work, which Spotify said has been a big problem. Chartable gives podcast publishers information about their listeners that helps them figure out how well their growth campaigns are working.

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This is what Spotify’s head of ads business marketing said about the acquisition of Podsights and Chartable: “Our acquisition of these two podcast technology players will help us improve our digital audio measurement insights.”

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