What is Suzume no Tojimari Release Date? Check launch date, plot, and trailer details here!!

Thinking about Suzume no Tojimari release date? Makoto Shinkai, the director of Your Name, is making a new movie called Suzume no Tojimari. On November 11, 2022, the movie will be shown in Japanese theatres for the first time in Japan. Also, a new key picture gives fans their first look at the film’s main character, a girl named Suzume.

The first time the movie was shown was at a show in December 2021. People will go on a trip across Japan in this modern-day road movie. Shinkai called it that. The main character Suzume, 17, is a girl from the Kyushu region of Japan.

She meets a boy who is looking for an interesting door. A chain reaction starts when Suzume opens the door that led him to the mysterious door. It opens other mysterious doors across the country and causes havoc. Following Suzume as she goes across the country to find and close these doors.

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Suzume no Tojimari Release Date

Last year, we learned about Suzume No Tojimari. This year, the Makoto Shinkai film has a release date that has been set. Look forward to the Suzume No Tojimari release date, it will come out on November 11, 2022. The trailer looks good already.

Suzume no Tojimari Teaser

There is a teaser for Suzume no Tojimari out now, and it’s both serene and creepy at the same time. In the first frame, when the girl is cycling down the hill, the city with the wide-open sea meets the blue sky and white clouds at the horizon. The background song is also pleasant to the ears, but it adds a sense of mystery.

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The most interesting thing about it is the beautiful white door in the middle of nowhere. It looks like it has a big part in the story.

What is Suzume no Tojimari all about?

It is about Suzume, a 17-year-old who lives in Japan’s Kyushu region. Until the day she met a strange young man who was looking for a “door.” The two of them decided to look for it together. They found it in an abandoned house in the mountains.

So when Suzume does something that she doesn’t know about, things go awry. It all started with that, and “Doors of Disaster” started to show up all over the country, and disasters soon came. To save the world, Suzume now has to close each of those doors one by one.

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For those who don’t know, Makoto Shinkai is a Japanese film director, animator, and manga artist. When his first OVA, She and Her Cat, came out in 1999, he did very well in filmmaking. Even though he started out as an animator for video games, he did very well in filmmaking. Another one came out in 2002 called Voices of a Distant Star. In 2004, he made his first full-length movie, The Place Promised in Our Early Days.

Your name was released in 2016, and it was a huge hit. After that, many movies were made, but none of them were as popular as Your Name. Almost right away, Your Name became the third highest-grossing movie of all time, and soon after that. It was followed by a project in 2019 called Weathering with You, which received the same kind of praise.

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Suzume no Tojimari New Visuals

Along with Suzume no Tojimari release date, what’s more, exciting is its visuals. The new promotional image has some things in common with the first one, but there are a few big differences as well.

In the first place, Suzume is now in the middle of the picture, looking behind her and holding a wooden chair. The door in front of her has also opened a little, and there is a weird glow coming from inside. There may be a hidden message in the open door and wooden chair that are shown in an announcement tweet.

At a premiere event on April 10, 2022, new footage from the new Your Name director’s movie will be shown. It will be at 8 p.m. Japan Time (7 a.m. Eastern / 1 p.m. CEST). People can watch the movie premiere on the Toho YouTube account. It also shows a picture of Suzume walking through a deserted hot spring town that looks like it has been left behind.

The Bottom Line

So, that’s all about Suzume no Tojimari release date. We hope you have enjoyed reading the article and found it interesting. Feel free to connect with us in the comment section below for further queries. We would love to hear from you.