What is Spotify’s In-App Payment Option?

Spotify will be able to use its own payment system in Google’s Android app, Alphabet’s Google said on Wednesday. This is part of a new pilot to try to address app makers concerns about high fees and alleged anticompetitive behavior.

It’s going to happen soon for people who have downloaded Spotify from the Google Play Store. They will be able to pay with either Spotify’s payment system or with Google Play Billing.

Starting with Spotify, a small group of developers will be able to offer an extra payment option next to Google Play in their apps.

“This pilot will help us learn more about whether and how user choice billing works for users in different countries and for developers of different sizes and types,” Google said in a post on its blog.

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Spotify said that its test with Google was part of a “multi-year agreement,” but didn’t say more. Google is being sued in the US for allegedly having a long-term bias against black employees.
Apps like Spotify that sell digital goods have been complaining for years about having to use the official payment systems of the Play Store and Apple’s App Store to pay for their goods.

Up to 30% of each payment is charged as a fee by Google and Apple, which some developers say is too much. This is what they say. Both have cut fees in many cases and said that they are needed to keep the mobile ecosystem safe and secure, but they haven’t said how much they will cost.

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Google did not say how much it would charge for the new pilot. On Friday, the company is going to start cracking down on non-compliant apps that don’t meet its Google Play Billing requirement.