What is Riddler’s real-life ‘Rata Alada’ Easter Egg is all about?

A new Batman movie came out last weekend, and it’s been a hit with comic book fans ever since. However, you would be wrong to think that the experience is over when you leave the theatre. An Easter Egg in the movie gives us a hint about how the future Robert Pattinson Bat films might go.

A riddle was left by the Riddler for you, not Batman, but for everyone else who watched the movie. Check out how to find and break it. There are a lot of big spoilers in this article about The Batman 2022. Check out the movie first, if you haven’t already.

Easter eggs 1

A person must open the Rata Alada (rat with wings) website in real life in order to find the Easter Egg. It’s the same thing Batman does in the movie. You can do that by going to http://www.rataalada.com on any browser on a phone or computer.

Visitors to the website will see the green Riddler question mark from the movie and a lot of code. At one point, the code will stop moving and ask you to click on a specific part of the screen.

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the batman, the batman 2022, batman, batman riddler, riddler, riddler easter egg, the batman To get to the Easter Egg, here’s what you need to do. It’s Express Photo.
the batman, the batman 2022, batman, batman riddler, riddler, riddler easter egg, the batman As soon as this picture opens in a new tab, you can save it and start working on it. Rata Alada has a website with this picture.
Once you click on that line, a new picture comes up. Just like in the movie, users have to figure out the cipher. To make sure you don’t have to go there like Batman and Alfred, a Twitter user named Garbage Central has your back.

“You think I’m done. I’m not.” But maybe you don’t know the whole truth. Every ending is a new start. Something will happen. One of the things we notice about this cryptic clue is that there is only one letter missing: “J.” This could be a reference to the Joker, the Batman villain the Riddler becomes friends with at the end of this film.

Second Easter Egg

If you also pay attention to the seemingly random numbers that appear on the very first screen after you visit the website, you will see that the numbers in green point to specific Batman comic book issues that you can buy on the website.

Rata Alada has a website with this picture.
These issues refer to well-known Batman characters like Two-Face, Catwoman, The Penguin, Carmine Falcone, Alfred, and the Dark Knight himself.