What is Netflix’s “The Ultimatum” all about? How to follow the cast on Instagram?

There are six couples on Netflix’s “The Ultimatum” who decide to work through a relationship stumbling block by dating other people. This way, they hope to find out if their relationship is good. When people watch “The Ultimatum,” they see some of the cast members in the bubble. But what are they like in real life? Members of the show have Instagram pages that give us a look at how they are now.

Lauren Pounds told TODAY that she and her co-stars from “Ultimatum” are still in touch with each other. Because we’re going through the same thing, Pounds said, “We have an Instagram group chat where we all talk and support one another.” She said there is no “bad blood” between her and the other people on the show. “The fact that we can all be together and talk is really cool and unique,” she said.

“The Ultimatum” is written by the same person who wrote “Love Is Blind,” so it’s the same person. If “Love Is Blind” is any guide, that means that the show will keep going off-screen, through Instagram comments and interactions.

Where to follow each cast member on Instagram?

1. Zay Wilson’s

His Instagram account name is @officialzaywilson. During “The Ultimatum,” Zay is in love with Rae and goes into the movie. He and Shanique are having a short marriage.

Work: Zay works at a club at the time “The Ultimatum” was written. When Rae meets women at work and they follow him on Instagram, it makes him feel bad.

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2. Rae Williams:

Instagram Handle: @rae.williams. Rae goes into “The Ultimatum” with Zay, who is her boyfriend at the time. Soon, she and Jake fall in love.

When Rae posts pictures on Instagram, she shows people what she’s been up to. In May 2020, she talked about how hard it was to balance bartending and school.

In this case, it took me five years instead of four. That is OK with me.” As long as you stay on track, it doesn’t matter how fast you go. In a blog post, she said that she was “so happy” that she went to an HBCU (historically Black college and university). “There’s really nothing else like it.”

3. Jake Cunningham

He has an Instagram account called @itsjakecunningham. Jake and April are on the show together, and he dates Rae. Jake talked about his new job on Instagram. People put their relationships to the test six times, and he wrote, “We were one of them.” In the past, he also talked about his time in the U.S. Marines.

4. April Marie

She has an Instagram account with the handle @itsaprilmarie. It’s been a while since April has been with Jake and he chose to date Colby. During a post on Instagram, April said that it was hard to keep a secret. On the show, April talks about how she became an influencer and what it is like to be one. She has about 55,000 followers at the time of this writing.

5. Colby Kissinger

Madelyn and Colby first meet on the show. They start dating in April. He says he is a proud Taurus and lives in Texas on Instagram. His famous cowboy hat shows up in a picture with his parents. Afterward, we can figure out where that hat came from.

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6. Madlyn Ballatori

She has an Instagram account called @madlynballatori. In Madlyn’s Instagram, she says that she is a project manager for an IT project. She has two dogs that are Maltese, and they are both very happy to be with her.

7. Randall Griffin’s

The Instagram name is @rl griffin. Randall has a history of dating Madlyn. Shanique is on the show with him. It was 2021, the year “The Ultimatum” was filmed. Randall said that the year taught him a lot. Many highs and many lows. A few of Randall’s friends have also changed, but he still has some good ones.

8. Shanique Brown

On Instagram, you can find her there: @shaniqueimari. During the show, Shanique is in a relationship with Randall. She also talks about a relationship with Zay. Syn’s Closet is a brand of swimwear and intimates that Shanique owns.

9. Lauren Pound’s

His Instagram account name is @laurenkilos. Lauren and Nathan have been dating for a long time. Lauren has an Instagram account called @shakeshakepour where she posts pictures of her cocktails.

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You can find out a lot about her relationship status from her Instagram account. It was October 2021 when Lauren wrote about a trip she took through Colorado with an unknown person. “Definitely rent a car and go on a road trip around Colorado with your partner.”

10. Nathan Ruggles

It’s @nathan ruggles on Instagram.  Nathan and Lauren have been dating for a long time. Nathan talks about his trips, friends, and dog on Instagram. The picture is from 2020, before the show was filmed.

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