What is Keyvon Beykpour net worth? Find How Rich is this former Twitter’s GM here!!

Keyvon Beykpour net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $1.5 million. He is a well-known business executive. He was born in the state of California on October 11, 1988. Kayvon is most known for being the co-founder and CEO of Periscope, a video broadcasting app. He also co-founded Terriblyclever, which Blackboard bought in 2009.

Keyvon Beckpour Early Life

Kayvon Beykpour is a well-known Business Executive who was born in the United States on October 11, 1988. He is best known as the co-founder and CEO of Periscope, a video broadcasting app. He also co-founded Terriblyclever, which Blackboard bought in 2009. Kayvon Beykpour’s zodiac sign is Libra, according to astrologers. He spent the majority of his life in San Francisco.

Keyvon Beykpour Career Info

Beykpour oversaw a team of researchers, designers, engineers, product managers, and customer service representatives as GM of Bluebird. He previously led Twitter’s consumer product team, where he was in charge of the company’s product strategy. The Bluebird division will now be led by Jay Sullivan, Twitter’s chief of consumer products.

After Twitter acquired Periscope, a live video-broadcasting program he co-founded in 2015, Beykpour joined the firm. Periscope was shut down by Twitter in March 2021, and the live streaming features were folded into the main app.

Prior to Periscope, Beykpour co-founded Terriblyclever Design, a development firm that created the first mobile apps for colleges such as Stanford’s iStanford and Duke’s Duke Mobile. Beykpour oversaw Terriblyclever’s mobile segment and served on the executive management team for four years after the company was acquired by Blackboard.

Has Keyvon Beykpour Fired From Twitter?

Twitter’s top management is changing. The first step was disclosed on Twitter by consumer product leader Kayvon Beykpour, who stated that current CEO Parag Agrawal “asked me to depart after letting me know that he wanted to take the company on a different path.”

In a now-deleted tweet, Bruce Falck, the company’s general manager of revenue and head of product, confirmed that Agrawal had sacked him as well.

Surprisingly, Parag Agrawal himself commented on both threads on Thursday evening, congratulating the men he’d fired and expressing praise for their efforts.

Now, Jay Sullivan, with whom we spoke in March about Twitter’s goals to attract 100 million daily users, will take over as both the president of product and the head of engineering.

“We can confirm that Kayvon Beykpour and Bruce Falck are departing Twitter,” Twitter spokesperson Adrian Zamora said in a statement to The Verge. Jay Sullivan has been named the new General Manager of Bluebird and the interim General Manager of Goldbird. Except for business-critical roles, we are stopping most hiring and backfilling as of this week. We are reducing non-labor costs in order to be more responsible and efficient.”

Beykpour has led the creation of many of the company’s greatest features and design modifications over the previous many years as its product leader and, most recently, GM of consumers. It’s an unexpected shift: With the departure of Twitter’s design and engineering leads a few months ago, Agrawal reconfigured his executive team, putting Beykpour in charge.