What is Joseline Hernandez Net Worth? Check complete details here!!

Joseline Hernandez is a Puerto Rican actress who has gotten a lot of attention for her work as an actress, TV personality, and rapper. Check Joseline Hernandez net worth here.

Because of this, she is known as the Princess of Puerto Rico. She is also very beautiful. Hernandez became famous after he starred in the VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. She was praised for her work on the show.

When she worked on the show, she worked for six seasons. Her boyfriend was also a part of the same show.  Later, they also starred together in that show. As a TV and singing star, Hernandez has done amazing work since 2012. When she’s a rapper, she has a lot of singles out and has made a lot of guest appearances. Read on to find complete details here.

Joseline Hernandez Early Life

She was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico on November 3, 1986. It was when she was six years old that she and her family moved to Florida with her mother, stepfather Luis, and her five siblings. He died of a heroin overdose before the family moved to Florida.

The name Sheneliica Bettencourt was given to Hernandez when she was 16 so that she could help her poor family and make sure her younger siblings had everything they needed.

Joseline Hernandez Career

Stevie J found Hernandez at the Onyx Club in Atlanta while she was having sex with other people. In 2012, she was part of the cast of the first season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. He hired her as a new artist. Stevie J’s girlfriend, Mimi Faust, didn’t like that Stevie and Joseline were having sex. Mimi is also a cast member of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. It was the main storyline on VH1’s reality TV show when these three had sex. Hernandez was on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta for six years. A lot of people watch VH1’s show “Atlanta” because it’s one of the most popular.

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Joseline Hernandez's Net Worth (Updated 2022)

Hernandez released a lot of dancehall and reggaeton-influenced singles while she was on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. They were all very popular. Hernandez starred with Stevie in a spin-off show called Stevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood that was on TV in 2016. The next year, she starred in her own TV show, Joseline’s Special Delivery, which documented the birth of her child with Stevie J. The show was on TV.

A new reality show called Joseline Takes Miami came out in January 2018. Hernandez was a part of it and was filming it at the time. On March 4, 2019, it was said that Joseline Takes Miami was having problems with production and that the network was asking for new footage. The project never aired.

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For her own reality show franchise, Joseline signed up for a streaming deal in October 2019. She’ll make, star in, and produce the show. There will be a performance of Joseline’s Cabaret: Miami in 2020. Casting for the second season of Joseline’s Cabaret began in May 2020.

It was in December 2019 that Joseline came back to the Love & Hip Hop franchise. She joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Miami for its third season, which aired in early 2020.

Joseline Hernandez Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth

Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition will be on TV in February 2020. Joseline and her boyfriend, Balistic Beats, will be there. It was the season finale of the show on April 9, and Beats asked Hernandez to marry him in front of their other Marriage Boot Camp co-stars.

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Joseline Hernandez Personal Life

When she talks about men and women, she says that she likes them both. She doesn’t have a preference for one or the other. When Hernandez and Stevie J told people that they had been married, they said it was in 2013. When Stevie J talked about their marriage three years later, he said that it was all a lie to get attention. Later that year, Joseline said that they had been in a long-term relationship, but they had never been married. It was on the fifth season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta that they broke up.

During the fifth season reunion of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Hernandez said that she was pregnant with Stevie’s sixth child, which made everyone happy. It was December 28, 2016. She gave birth to their daughter, Bonnie Bella, on that day. Joseline and Stevie J have been fighting over custody of their daughter Bonnie Bella for a long time.

In May of 2019, Stevie J said that Joseline hadn’t let him see or talk to his daughter for more than a month. In the legal filing, he also said that he feared for his daughter’s safety and general well-being, which he also said. If Joseline was not good at being a parent, Stevie J said. He said that he is more financially secure and that his family with singer Faith Evans would be a better influence on his young daughter. He also said that Joseline should pay child support.

Hernandez made her relationship with Robin Ingouma, a music producer who goes by the name Balistic Beats, known to the public in April 2018. During the 2020s, Hernandez and Beats got married. A wedding is planned for December 25, 2020. Hernandez and Beats will get married then.

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Joseline Hernandez Net Worth

Joseline Hernandez is an afro-Puerto-Rican person who is very successful and has a lot of money. Hernandez is an actress, rapper, and TV star. She has been on a lot of TV shows, which has made her famous all over the world. Hernandez also has a good job in music, but that’s not all. She is also known as the Puerto Rican Princess, and people call her that. Joseline Hernandez net worth is $500,000 right now.