What is John Waters Net Worth? Find How Rich Is This American Actor?

He is an actor, an art collector, and a journalist. Almost all of Waters’ money comes from the movie and musical Hairspray, which he made. There, he was born. People in Maryland call this area Lutherville. John Waters was born and raised in this part of the state. John Waters net worth is around $50 million.

He is the son of Patricia Ann and John Samuel Waters, who were both known to make fire protection gear. Waters went to a private school in Baltimore called Calvert. On his 16th birthday, his grandmother gave him an 8mm movie camera from her.

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The short film Hag in a Black Leather Jacket was made by Water for the first time. In the end, John Waters went to New York University, even though school was never on his mind. In school, water was very important.

People know him because of the pencil mustache that he has all over his face. John Water has kept this look since the early 1970s. He still lives in Baltimore, Maryland, his home state. Find more John Waters net worth and career information here.

John Waters Biography

John Waters was born on April 22, 1946, in Baltimore, Maryland. He was named John Samuel Waters Jr. He was raised in a Roman Catholic home with his mother, Patricia Ann, father, John, and three other siblings: Steve, Kathy, and Trish.

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It was after he saw the 1953 movie “Lili” at age 7 that John became interested in puppets and began making violent puppet shows for kids’ birthday parties. Waters went to the Calvert School, Towson Jr. High School, Calvert Hall College High School, and Boys’ Latin School of Maryland.

He met his muse, Glenn Milstead (known as Divine) when he was a child in the Baltimore suburb of Lutherville, where he grew up. Afterward, John went to New York University. He was kicked out in 1966 because he was caught smoking marijuana on campus. He then moved back to Baltimore.

John Waters Career

He made his first short film in 1964 called “Hag in a Black Leather Jacket.” On the film, he wrote, directed, produced, edited, and served as a cinematographer. He also did the same thing for his short films, “Roman Candles” (1966), “Eat Your Makeup” (1968), and “The Diane Linkletter Story” (1970), and for four of his feature films.

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John made his first feature film in 1969, called “Mondo Trasho.” In 1970, he made “Multiple Maniacs,” which was his second movie. When he made “Pink Flamingos” in 1972, it was the first film in the “Trash Trilogy.” He made “Female Trouble” in 1974, and “Desperate Living” in 1977 to finish it off.

John Waters let someone else do the cinematography for the first time in 1981 when he hired a film student to be the main cameraman. When John released “Hairspray” in 1988, it was turned into a Broadway show that won eight Tony Awards in 2002, making it the most successful show of that year.

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When the film version of the musical came out in 2007, Waters was a co-producer and a consultant on the movie, and she helped make it. There were both movies where he starred, as Dr. Fredrickson and as a Flasher. When John wrote “Cry-Baby” in 1990, it was also turned into a Broadway musical. It was nominated for four Tony Awards in 2008.

The movie “Serial Mom” was directed by Waters in 1994. He also had an uncredited voice role as Ted Bundy. His next movie, “Pecker,” came out in 1998 and had a voice cameo from John. He played the Pervert on the Phone. Black comedy “Cecil B. Demented” was a hit movie in 2000. Melanie Griffith played an actress who was kidnapped and forced to star in a movie made by terrorists. It was Waters who wrote, directed, and starred in the movie. “A Dirty Shame,” which was made in 2004, is John’s most recent movie. It stars Tracey Ullman, Johnny Knoxville, Selma Blair and Chris Isaak.

John Waters Personal Life

People know that John has been gay since he was a child. He is a strong supporter of gay pride and LGBTQ rights. This is what Waters said in 2018. “If you don’t keep some things private, you don’t have a personal life.”

This is what Waters said. It was in 2009 that John tried to get the former member of the Manson family Leslie Van Houten out of prison. He also wrote about her in his book “Role Models.” He got an honorary degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2016. John has been an artist and art collector since the 1990s, and he owns more than 8,000 books.

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John Waters Net Worth

John Waters is an American director, writer, producer, actor, and artist with a net worth is $50 million. Perhaps the best-known thing Waters has done is write, direct, and produce “Hairspray,” which started out as a movie in 1988 and later became a Broadway musical that won a lot of awards.

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