What is James Khuri Net Worth? How Rich Is This American Businessman?

James Khuri is a rich American businessman who owns many businesses. Forbes has called James a “serial entrepreneur,” and he has a lot of businesses. He is the CEO of two big businesses right now: FJ Holdings and Khuri Enterprises. As of 2022, James Khuri net worth is more than $400 million.

Brendan Khuri hit Monique Munoz with his $200K Lamborghini SUV when he was 15. Afterward, he got a lot of flak for giving Brendan a Lamborghini for his birthday in 2020. People know him because he has a lot of followers on social media, where he posts pictures of his fancy life. Sometimes, he even refers to himself as an “influencer.”

In recent days, Khuri was on the news because of his son. Brendan Khuri is his name. The 17-year-old teen killed a woman named Monique Munoz under the hood of his $200K Lamborghini. Khuri gave him the car on his last birthday.

Let’s learn more about James Khuri net worth, personal life, and business details here.

James Khuri Early Life

On December 26, 1975, James Khuri was born in LA. Umaya is his mother. His father is Fuad J. Khuri and his mother is Umaya. She’s called Jane. Khuri has a sister, too.

Nobody knows much about him or how he grew up. However, he went to the Simon School of Business in Rochester, New York, and got an MBA.

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He is 46 now. It’s Khuri’s first child. When Brendan Khuri was 17, he had a son. He called him Brendan Khuri. Christine was Khuri’s first wife. Brendan is the son of Christine. In 2008, they split up, and since then, Khuri has been single.

In the last few days, Brendon was being held by the LA Police on charges of vehicular manslaughter.

James Khuri Career Info

Following his MBA, he took a step into real estate. In 2001, he bought medical buildings in New York and apartment buildings in Los Angeles. It turned out to be a good thing for him.

James Khuri Engages A Magical Gathering For Christmas - SF Weekly

After that, he took another step and made and sold the products at mercantile stores. His main goal was to make money by trading branded cards like Pokemon. Yu-Gi-Oh! and other sports cards. His business got bigger by taking a step into the world market through Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Mercari.

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His products are sold in 136 countries because he used Amazon to sell them. He is, in fact, the only person who works for Amazon in the world right now. It has also shown its support for him by hiring an employee for one of his businesses. When Amazon helps its company run an online platform, it isn’t just a joke.

He is also asked by Walmart to help with the system “Fulfilled by Walmart.” Through his company, he has been working on the idea and has already processed 4,000 orders in a week, which is a lot.

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James is the CEO of FJ Holdings, a company that sells trading cards. Along with that, he is also the CEO of Khuri Enterprises, a real estate company that sells homes.

Yes, James has a good business sense. At the age of 27, he made $100 million in sales. He wants to make $200 million in sales by 2021.

What is James Khuri Net Worth?

From his two big businesses, James Khuri has made a lot of money. He is still working on his idea for an e-commerce business. His exact worth isn’t known, but we can figure out that by 2022, he’ll have more than $400 million.

James Khuri Personal Life

James Khuri is now single. He was married to Christine, with whom he split up in 2008. James and Christine had a son named Brendan Khuri when they were together.

What is James Khuri's net worth? Inside LA millionaire's wealth as son, 17, is charged in Monique Munoz's death | MEAWW

Los Angeles police arrested his son recently on a charge of vehicular manslaughter. His son, Brendan Khuri, was charged with the crime. He hit Monique Munoz with his Lamborghini SUV, which was given to him by his father, James Khuri.

Soon after he got a fancy sports car for his 17th birthday, Christine said no to the car and her new husband also said that the accident was going to happen.


That’s all about James Khuri Net Worth, which is expected to be $400 million as of 2022. He is a multi-millionaire businessman with lots of money and popularity. For more such updates, stay connected with us.

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