What is Ghostflame torch Elden Ring? Check the step-by-step guide to obtain the torch here!!

Ghostflame Torch Elden Ring is an important part of exploring some of the darkest dungeons in Elden Ring. They make things easier to see and make it much easier for players to get around the caves. Most of the Torches in the game are more useful than damaging, but a few of them are powerful, and many players have been using them as their main source of damage.

One of these is the Ghostflame Torch, whose power goes up very well with Dexterity. Not only does it help light up dark places, but it also does a lot of damage, both physically and magically.

Elden Ring: Where To Get The Ghostflame Torch

The best thing about the Torch is that it makes enemies feel cold and causes Frost to build up. Frost is one of the most important status effects in Elden Ring. When the Frost bar is full, a chunk of the enemy’s health is taken away, and for a short time, the player’s stamina consumption goes up and their resistance to all attacks goes down.

Even though it’s a really fun weapon to use in the game, Elden Ring fans are having trouble finding the Ghostflame Torch. We hope that today’s guide will help those who are still having trouble getting it.

How to get the Ghostflame Torch Elden Ring?

Early on in the Elden Ring story, players won’t be able to get their hands on the Ghostflame Torch. Before they can get to Nokron, where the Torch is, they will have to put in some time to finish the first parts of the game and beat one of the hardest optional bosses.

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Elden Ring: Where To Find The Ghostflame Torch | Screen Rant

So, Elden Ring players will need to do the following before they can get the Ghostflame Torch Elden Ring.

  • Make their way to Caelid to fight an optional boss that most people agree is one of the hardest in the game. Radahn, the Starscourge, can be found in Redmane castle, which is east of Caelid.
  • You can only see a Star fall to Limgrave after you beat him. When the star falls, the new underground area of Nokron will be revealed.
  • Near the Fort Haight West Site of Grace is where you can get into Nokron. It’s east of Limgrave, in front of a fort.
  • After beating Radahn, players will need to go there and find a large crater with rocks and other raised platforms that they can use to drop down into Nokron.
  • After lowering the platforms and getting to the next part, the Elden Ring Tarnished will be able to see a doorway to the north. This doorway can be reached by carefully lowering two floors.
  • When players finally get to Nokron, they will need to turn right and climb down the first archway to the left. This will lead them to a small square-shaped platform.
  • After that, they will see a dead body with a white sign that says “Item Pickup.” The Ghostflame Torch will be given to the Tarnished automatically when they talk to it.

Many people in the community think that the Ghostflame Torch Elden Ring is one of the best DPS torches in the game. From what we’ve heard, the weapon was used by the Fallen Hawks, who live in the underground rivers and hunt.

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When the band’s last embers ran out during their long search, they started to burn the bones of their friends. This gave them the cold Ghostflame but also made it so they would always live in the underground.