What is Elon Musk Build in Elden Ring?

People know that Elon Musk Elden Ring relationship. He spends a lot of time in the Lands Between by Elden Ring. Based on his most recent tweets, it’s safe to say that the businessman plays games a lot. He had a great time playing the new RPG from FromSoftware.

Musk is not afraid to talk about a book that has caught his attention in public. As we’ve seen with games like Overwatch and the Halo Infinite campaign, if he likes to play something, he’ll tweet about it.

Musk said today in a conversation on Twitter that a certain picture had “vibes” like what is seen in Elden Ring. In response, one user asked Musk what kind of character he has been playing in the game. Musk surprised everyone by answering this question by saying that he has mostly been making a mage who is good at both intelligence and agility.

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Shield in the left hand, staff in the right, rapier, and claws in quick succession,” he said about how his own character in Elden Ring works. “If you want to roll fast or tank, change your armor from heavy to medium. Move around talismans a lot. Getting many small hits in a row is important for damage to add up.” Find more about Elon Musk Elden Ring build here.

Elon Musk Elden Ring is one of his most recent posts. He puts a lot of effort into leveling up his intelligence and dexterity. This makes him good at sorcery and gives him access to a lot of weapon arts.

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Musk’s work on the Elden Ring became known when the Twitter account for History Defined posted a picture of a Tree of Life mosaic in Hisham’s Place. It is in Palestine near Jericho. It shows a lion attacking a deer, which is a sign of war, and two gazelles eating, which is a sign of peace.

Musk soon replied to this picture by saying that it gave him “Elden Ring vibes,” and his response went viral in minutes, getting over 15,000 likes. Musk was asked in the comments what build he is going for in the RPG. He then went on to describe his character and the things he is putting most of his attention on in his current playthrough.

Musk is mostly looking for a flexible style of play that can help him out in any tough situation.

Even though his main stats are Intelligence and Dexterity, he has said that he likes to switch his armor and weapons around a lot: “Shield in the left hand, staff in the right with rapier and claws fast switch.”

He also tries to get a lot of small hits in a row to add up damage and only uses Summons when he needs to. Musk isn’t the only famous person to talk about the buzzy game on social media. Randy Orton, a WWE star, used to talk a lot about how much he liked the game.

That’s all about Elon Musk Elden Ring build!! For more updates, stay tuned!!