What is Elden Ring’s Tekken 7 Mod? Check How to Unlock It here!!

A Tekken 7 mod based on the Elden Ring was too good for Katsuhiro Harada to handle, so he asked people to stop. A Tekken 7 mod looks so good in the trailer that it could have been an official crossover. The game’s director took to Twitter to say what he thought about the mod. In fact, the mod is so impressive that Harada isn’t sure if people should be taking it too seriously.

In a report from VGC, Harada tweeted a video of his own that showed off the character models in a Tekken 7 mod called Ultraboy. The trailer, with no word of a lie, looks like it’s real. As both Tekken and Elden Ring are made by Bandai Namco, I would think this was an early leak from a collaboration. But no, it’s just a fan who has spent a lot of time making these characters look great in the fighting game.

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Ultraboy made a mod that you can download and use for your own fun. It has models of Melina, Malenia, the Prisoner Tarnished, Alexander the pot, Radahn, Ranni, and a huge lobster. Shows off not only how well the models look, but also how well they fight in the game. These people also look great when they hit their opponents. This is why they look so good.

The trailer and the mod are so good that Katsuhiro Harada, the current director and a producer of the Tekken series, had to say something. In a tweet, the dev said: “It’s… Not only did I work on Elden, but I was also the production general manager in charge of it, so it’s not irrelevant that it’s a well-made mod, but please stop “In this case, I would say:

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So now we know that this isn’t a real cross-over between two shows. However, don’t you think it should be? Because I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, I’m sorry The mod is too good.

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