What is Elden Ring Speedrun all about?

People who do speedruns of Elden Ring are not only getting more efficient, but they’re also skipping more of the game as they make their way to the end of the game. Mitchriz only has to fight one boss in the world record run, which took 12 minutes and 32 seconds.

You can zoom around the game with the new “zip” and “meta zip” techniques, which open new tabs. This makes times like this possible. When you compare the 19-minute record, which is less than two weeks old, it looks slow and old.

There are a lot of sounds in the background to help Mitchriz do the trick. It looks like Mitchriz is playing Mario Kart and about to start the race. When the last beep goes off, he presses W. His character is catapulted across the map so quickly that the world takes a second to load in and catch up with him and the game.

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When Mitchriz has zips, he can get through the whole of Limgrave and go straight to Liurnia. To get the weapon skill, he needs to get the Icerind Axe and go through the waygate to a late-game area. In previous speed runs, this was where the real run began because it leads right into a series of bosses before the game’s end.

In this route, this is the first and last boss. Zips make it easier for every boss to get everything they need to do their job.

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With very precise character positioning and a computer that can keep the frame rate stable enough to make the glitch work, he was able to launch his character right onto the steps before the final fog door in the game. This is how he did it. Because he didn’t want to just walk through it, he did another zip that sent him to the edge of this map, which ended the final boss fight before it even started. This gave him the bosses’ Remembrance and the final cutscene (which he skipped, of course).

How fast is this? It’s way faster than the current world records for the games Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, and Dark Souls 3. But the 12-minute run doesn’t seem like it’s near the end of speed runs of the Elden Ring. During this very run, Mitchriz talks about a possible way to get through the first seven minutes of setup with a mega zip and then a series of zips to kill the two remaining bosses. Zip-only runs if you want to. The horse doesn’t matter.