What is Diana Jenkins Net Worth? Find Diana Jenkins Fiance, Salary, Bio, and Professional Life here!!

Diana Jenkins net worth is whopping $300 million, as of now. Fans are already making up stories about Sanela Diana Jenkins, the new housewife who will be introduced on Season 12 of “RHOBH.” If you look at Diana’s social media accounts, it’s easy to see that she enjoys the nicer things in life. So how can she pay for everything?

Diana’s $300 million net worth gives her a lifestyle that most people in the world can only dream about. Diana’s big bank account makes her the richest Beverly Hills housewife, but things haven’t always been this good for her. Read on to find out how she went from being poor to having a lot of money and he Diana Jenkins net worth got instant hike.

Diana Jenkins Early Life

Diana Jenkins was born Sanela Dijana Ćatić in 1973 in Sarajevo. She was born into a middle-class family as the older of two children. Her dad was an economist, and her mom was a bookkeeper. The family lived in a simple concrete apartment building. At the time, this type of building was very common in Yugoslavia when it was a communist country.

Irnis, Diana’s younger brother, was killed by Serb soldiers when he was only 21 years old. This is a very sad story. Diana was a student at the University of Sarajevo when he was killed. She was studying economics at the time. During the Siege of Sarajevo in April 1992, she had to leave Bosnia because of the war. Yugoslavia broke up, and that led to the war. Until December 1995, there was a bloody war.

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Jenkins was a refugee for more than a year in Croatia before he moved to London. She was able to go back to school at City University, London, after two years. Diana was smart to study math instead of English because you don’t need to know English to understand numbers. She got a BSc (with honors) in Computer Science and Economics in the end.

Around this time, many of Diana’s fellow Yugoslavian refugees were given permanent citizenship. This was because Diana had done so well in school and had never asked for any kind of government help.

What does Diana Jenkins do For Her Living?

Diana got a lot of different jobs in London after she graduated from high school. Over time, she saved enough money to open her own jewellery store.

Diana and model Melissa Odabash worked together to start a swimwear line called Melissa Odabash. They did this by drawing on the success of Diana’s jewellery store. The swimwear line was a huge hit, and celebrities like Kate Moss, Elle Macpherson, Heidi Klum, and others started wearing it right away. Diana still has a share in the brand, which is still doing very well.

What About Diana Jenkins Fiance?

Asher Monroe is engaged to at least one of Diana Jenkins. Both being well-known public figures inside the commerce, they first met via a report label. Diana and Diana Jenkins Fiance have been together for a while and have a child together. Her name is Eliyanah Monroe.

In 2020, they had their first daughter together. Asher is a well-known recording artist and actor, and his fiancee, Diana, is a reality star on RHOBH. The singer wrote on social media about how beautiful his love life was. The two people seem to be crazy about each other and are happy to live together.

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Diana Jenkins Ex-Husband

After getting married to a British banker in 1999, Sanela changed her name to Sanela Diana Jenkins. At the gym, they met.

Roger and Sanela were married for 10 years and had two children before they split up. After they broke up, they said it was “the happiest divorce ever.”

As part of her divorce settlement, Diana got an amount that is thought to be $300 million. The settlement made Diana one of the richest women in the UK right away.

Diana eventually left London and moved to Southern California, where she bought an amazing 3-acre property on a cliff in Malibu. She started giving back to the community and starting her own business.

Diana Jenkins Real Estate

In June 2020, Sanela Diana Jenkins put her mansion in Malibu on the market. It was sold for $125 million.

In the early 2000s, Sanela paid $21 million for the house. She reportedly found the mansion when she and her friend, the musician Kid Rock, were looking at possible homes. The kid was supposed to be looking for a place for himself, but Diana gave him $21 million instead.

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In February 2021, it came out that she sold the house to WhatsApp founder Jan Koum, who lived next door, for $87 million. Jan paid $100 million for the house next door in 2019.

Diana Jenkins Net Worth

Sanela Diana Jenkins is a Bosnian businesswoman, philanthropist, and reality TV star with a $300 million net worth. Sanela Diana Jenkins has started a successful drink company and made a name for herself as a human rights activist whose work is respected all over the world.

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