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Coffee Joulies are like little gems that you put in your coffee. I have to say that I really like this idea. If you’ve ever tried to drink coffee when it was either too hot to drink or already cold enough that you had to keep getting more, the Coffee Joulies might also be of interest to you. Up until now, it has always been hard to get your coffee to the exact temperature you like.

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What is Coffee Joulies?

The Coffee Joulies are made to look like coffee beans, but they are actually made of stainless steel. By putting a few coffee joulies into a hot drink, you start a chain reaction whose speed depends on how hot the drink is.

When you first pour a cup of coffee that is above 140 degrees and hot enough to burn your mouth, the Coffee Joulies (magic coffee beans) go to work and bring the temperature down to the best level. Then, these beans store the extra heat and slowly release it back into the coffee over a long period of time, giving you a perfect cup of coffee every time.

Who is the founder of Coffee Joulies?

Dave Pentrillo and Dave Jackson came up with the idea for the Coffee Joulies. Dave Pentrillo started working at Lutron Electronics in 1993, right after he got his mechanical engineering degree from college.

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Coffee Joulies Net Worth - Viral Talkies

In 2011, he was named President of Coffee Joulies, a job he still has today. Besides being the leader of Coffee Joulies, he has also worked as an engineer.

Dave Jackson got his degree in mechanical engineering at the same time as Pentrillo. He is a co-owner of Coffee Joulies and works as a mechanical engineer.

The Daves came up with the idea and made the first batch of Joulies. They started Kickstarter a year later and raised $306,944 in less than two months.

The huge success of the Kickstarter got them into the Kickstarter Hall of Fame, which gave them much-needed publicity and made more people aware of their brand.

Also, Kickstarter gave the Daves the money they needed to start making Julies for sale to the public.

In the same year, the company got an even bigger boost when they won the Shopify Build-a-Business competition.

Coffee Joulies Before Shark Tank

Dave Petrillo and Dave Jackson, who are both mechanical engineers from New Jersey, came up with the idea for the Coffee Joulies. The Joulies were small capsules made of stainless steel and filled with an ingenious substance that quickly cooled down a hot drink to a temperature that could be drunk.

This would let the liquid in the capsules stay at the same temperature for a long time. In March 2011, they used Kickstarter to raise money for the first time. Their goal was to raise $9,500, and they did it in just three days.

Near the end of the month-long campaign, they got a big boost from Kickstarter. More than 300,000 dollars were given by 4,800 backers to help move the idea forward. Thanks to their early success and a lot of money, they were able to finish their production process and turn their idea into a finished product.

How did Coffee Joulies’ pitch go on Shark Tank?

Dave Jackson and Dave Petrillo pitched Coffee Joulies on Shark Tank episode 413. They want to raise $150,000 in exchange for a 5% share of the business. The Coffee Joulies are made of a secret material that melts when exposed to too much heat and then gives the heat back to the drink when it hardens again.

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When the couple showed it to the Sharks, they said it could keep coffee at 140 degrees for up to five hours. The Sharks’ coffee is still steaming hot three hours after it was made. Five Joulies sell for $50, and each one costs $3.60 to make. Last year, the business made $575,001 in sales and $50,000 in profit, so it has a positive cash flow.

Thanks to deals with Bed Bath and Beyond and OfficeMax, the company thinks it will make more than $1 million in sales over the next year. Daymond John notices that the other Sharks are “ready to do some really invasive surgery” on the couple about the 5%. He has departed.

Kevin O’Leary says he wants a 33% stake in any company he finances, but he’s interested in the industry. He gives them $150,000 in exchange for $6 from each sale until his money is back, and then only $1.

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Lori Greiner offers to join the deal and bring her QVC connections with her. Robert Herjavec also steps in to sweeten the deal by giving his contacts at Bed Bath and Beyond. Daymond John wants to join the other Sharks in the deal. Kevin O’Leary calls him “Mr. Retail” and tries to get him to take part in the deal.

Mark Cuban is willing to give $250,000 for a 12 percent share of the company. The Sharks argue about the best way is to get the word out about the product. Jackson and Petrillo decide to ask a friend what offers are out there. While Jackson and Petrillo are out of the room, the other sharks talk about the offer.

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Then, O’Leary re-negotiates the deal, and the wholesale royalty rate goes down to $3. The two people chose the four-Shark deal and started Coffee Joulies on a Shark deal.

What happened to Coffee Joulies Net Worth after they were on Shark Tank?

It’s not surprising that Coffee Joulies have become more popular since they were featured on Shark Tank and caught the attention of the sharks. By the time they were on the show, they had already won the Shopify Build a Business Competition, which gave them high-end marketing advice and a cash prize.

The Joulies have gotten a lot of help and support from many different places. Their online sales have gone through the roof, and they have gotten a lot of help with marketing. Bed Bath & Beyond used to sell a similar item, but it is no longer on the market.

People have said bad things about the product, mostly because ceramic mugs soak up heat from hot drinks. In this case, it takes less time to keep something warm. Coffee Joulies can be bought on the website, which looks friendly, and on Amazon. When bought with Thermos insulated mugs, the discount is reasonable and well-marketed.

In 2015, a similar product called Booze Joulies came out to help cool and keep a glass of scotch at the right temperature. The Daves kept their cool when things got hard and never gave up. In the end, they built the Joulies brand and made their dream come true.

The final Agreement of Coffee Joulies net worth is done at $150,000 in exchange for a royalty of $6 per unit until the $150,000 is paid back.

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